Smartphone With Send Me To Heaven Installed Available For $100K

The only iPhone with SMTH.
The only iPhone with SMTH. Petr Svarovsky

Can you imagine buying a smartphone worth $100,000? Well, now's the chance to have one if you are interested. What is special about this one you ask? This iPhone has what may be the most evil app ever developed. It's called Send Me To Heaven, or S.M.T.H., which is responsible for damaging around 100,000 smartphones. This smartphone is now available on Saatchi Art.

This phone was offered back in August on Etsy for $30,000. You can read more about that here.

Anyway, Send Me To Heaven first emerged back in the summer of 2013 on Google Play. The goal of this app is simple and straightforward. Players compete to find out who can throw their smartphones as high as they can. Currently the record stands at 44.19 meters. While originally players had to use their bare hands to throw their phones, others have been a little more creative. All you need to do is go to the internet and see a lot of evidence on this. There are players who tie their phones to rockets and even build slingshots. There are even those who have thrown their phones from airplanes.

Using a slingshot.
Using a slingshot. Petr Svarovsky

So why are people throwing their smartphones? The app was developed with one goal in mind, which is to break as many smartphones as possible. There is no exact number on how many phones have been damaged, though records show that the game has been downloaded at least 1 million times. Looking at the reviews, it is safe to say that the number would not go below 100,000 broken phones. While the game is "fatal" for smartphones, this appears to be its main appeal to players.

Why is this particular phone so expensive? The game remains free on Google Play and has no ads or even in-app purchases. There is even no data harvested. Many Android users can get the game for free. It is not the same for iPhone owners. This is because the game was rejected from the App Store. The phone up for sale is the developer's own iPhone. This means it is the only iPhone to have the game installed.

It's not just about the game, as the offer also includes some bonuses. For example, the iPhone continues to have the developer's cat pictures. It even has the phone number of the developer's ex-girlfriend, since she contributed to the game title. There are also some heavy metal songs that the developer listened to when making the game. Finally, it has the phone number of the developer's dentist.

You can learn more about this phone here.

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