Prepare for Sister of Parvos Coming to Warframe July 6

Beware the sisters.
Beware the sisters. Digital Extremes

There’s a new threat arriving in Warframe and everyone needs to prepare. That’s because Corpus has created a new line of adversaries in the form of a sisterhood of elite hunters known as the Sisters of Parvos. They live and die through the orders of none other than Parvos Granum. While they need to be neutralized, it won’t be that easy as they have enhanced strength and are equipped with the latest high-tech weaponry from Corpus.

The Sisters of Parvos is coming to the game on platforms, July 6.

To access this new content, players need to have finished both The War Within and Call of the Tempestarii quests. After that, they must beat their active Kuva Lich and then take the fight with a sister.

For players, their Sister Candidate would reveal herself aboard any of the Corpus Ships. However, players need to reach Rank 1 in the Granum Void. Once they can eliminate her with a Mercy Kill, she then arises in the Origin System.

The Latest Weaponry

Here are the eight advanced weapons equipped by the Sisters of Parvos:

  • Tenet Envoy
    • A discreet rocket launcher.
  • ​Tenet Diplos
    • A pair of auto-lock-on, homing-projectile pistols.
  • ​Tenet Spirex
    • A pistol with lightning-fast rail-slugs with head-shots speeding up reload.
  • ​Tenet Tetra
    • An upgrade of the classic Tetra. It may have a slower fire rate but it has a larger magazine.
  • ​Tenet Flux Rifle
    • A Flux Rifle modified for use by the Sisters. Both fire rate and range have been increased. Recharge replaced with ammo clips which allow for greater power needs.
  • ​Tenet Arca Plasmor
    • A variant of a Corpus classic. Its blasts now ricochet and now have greater range. However, fire and reload are slower.
  • ​Tenet Cycron
    • It has a refracting energy disc that splits off the main target and can hit an additional two nearby targets.
  • Tenet Detron
    • A deadlier hand cannon with alternate fire mode.

Learn more about them here.

Warframe is set in the future where a race of ancient warriors known as Tenno suddenly finds themselves at war with different factions. The game was first launched on PC and PS4, followed by versions for Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. The game has also been ported to next-gen consoles.

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