‘Sims 4: Vampires’ Review: Intricate Powers System Makes Game Pack 4 Feel Full And Satisfying

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The Sims 4 ’s take on a supernatural game pack doesn’t include werewolves, witches and wizards, but it does Vampires right. The best part about Vampires is the intricate skill and power points plan. This isn’t a life state you can play out in one session. Balancing out powers with strict weaknesses also puts constraints on the life state, which would otherwise be a godly force ruling over the game. Fantastical and grounded, this game pack is a must buy for Sims 3: Supernatural lovers and everyone else.

Vampires can transform into bats, teleport, and run at superspeed.
Vampires can transform into bats, teleport, and run at superspeed. TS4

I’m usually not the biggest fan of the undead: ghosts, vampires and zombies. This game pack blew away my expectations. The gameplay can get really dark and cruel if you want it to be. Vampires have the power to nearly kill other Sims using their abilities. A ‘deep plasma drink’ leaves mortals stumbling to walk and ‘drain life spirit’ leaves victims face down on the ground. While there are over 25 powers available, Vampires really can’t use their powers all the time even onec you master them all. The most important factor is Vampire energy, which is decreased by using powers and soaking up the sun. Unless you're a Grand Master with Sun Resistance, vampires cannot go outside for more than few moments in daytime. I’m not exaggerating. If the Vampire energy bar is low, your Vampire will die in the blink of an eye, especially if you chose the ‘thin skinned’ weakness. A quick vampiric spar outdoors may be all it takes for two vampires to burst into flames. Awesome!

'Sims 4: Vampires'
'Sims 4: Vampires' TS4

It’s not very easy to become a Grand Master without cheats. To get the necessary power points, Vampires must be actively training with elders, using their powers, drinking plasma and studying the lore skill. Along the way, you’ll be awarded with new interactions and occult knowledge. The power points menu is almost like something you’d find in a non-simulation game, testing players’ foresight and ability to think about cause and effect when choosing vampire powers and weaknesses. The list of abilities are a great mix between classic supernatural and superhero, appealing to both audiences. The smooth animations, such as superhuman speed, strength and teleportation, are straight-up finesse.

'Sims 4: Vampires'
'Sims 4: Vampires' TS4

My favorite part of this game pack is the fact you can create a Vampire who looks exactly like a normal Sim. Not exactly the biggest fan of blood-sucking creatures, I was pleasantly surprised to be able to create a human disguise (light and dark form) for my vampire. On top of that, the CAS items come in colorways suitable for both vampires and mortals. While very vampire-focused -- with the long, feminine gothic dress and full-body masculine trench coat -- the vintage denim jacket with a henley underneath proves the team had all sorts of players in mind. The new hairstyles and clothing weren’t even the best part of CAS. It’s the vampire eyebrows, ears, scarring, skin tones, teeth and facial structures that are most impressive. I’m not complaining about the lack of kids options included. This vampire gameplay honestly doesn’t seem suitable for children anyways.

'Sims 4: Vampires'
'Sims 4: Vampires' TS4

Build/Buy mode also came full circle -- from bat statues and coffins to a handful of new carpets, wood flooring, paints and stone. We even got a new bed, a detachable runner carpet, a stunning fireplace, a pipe organ, dining room tables, curtains, chandeliers, loads of victorian furniture and counters. Heck, there’s even a new vampire toilet and shower. Can’t forget about those wall vines and iron fencing, which are just priceless to builders. All of these build/buy mode objects fit nicely in the new world, Forgotten Hollow, but the new windows and doors wouldn’t feel out of place in a large victorian mansion in Windenburg, and the brick washed walls would blend perfectly in the Art District in San Myshuno.

While Forgotten Hollow itself feels small, with only five lots, I’ll happily take it considering other game packs didn’t have a world at all. The longer night hours are absolutely necessary to play with vampires. You could try moving your Vampire to another world when they are a Grand Master, but doing so as a newbie is setting yourself up for failure. That is, unless you want to be stuck inside an apartment too small to duel in all day and be forced to thirst on your landlord. The rocky landscape in Foggy Hollow is distinct from other worlds and it’s the only place you can go to visit occult master Vladislaus Straud and train in his big freaky vampire estate.

'Sims 4: Vampires'
'Sims 4: Vampires' TS4

And the features in this game pack just keep coming. There’s three new aspirations and lot traits. The hardest is probably ‘Good Vampire,’ for the immortal who want to resist sucking plasma out of innocent Sims. With the new Vampire lair lot trait, your household will receive gifts from a secret occult organization. Unfortunately not via owl, but we’ll take it. All in all, this game pack is substantial. It’s a generous amount of content for a reasonable price that adds a ton of depth to gameplay, even if you're not the biggest Vampire fan.

Sims even have three teeth marks on their neck after being fed on. What more could you ask for? No seriously. What’s missing? Let us know in the comments and watch us test out The Sims 4: Vampires gameplay below!

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