‘Sims 4’ Vampire Game Pack And Bowling Stuff Pack Announced In Quarterly Teaser [VIDEO]

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You may have missed an easter egg hidden in the upcoming content teaser video. EA

On the heels of Vintage Glamor Stuff, EA has announced the next two DLCs for The Sims 4. While we don’t have the official titles, it’s been confirmed a Vampire Game Pack will release this winter, followed by a Bowling Stuff Pack this spring. Yes, bowling. Check out the teaser video below:

The icon for the vampire pack is retractable teeth, but it’s still not clear if the GP4 will only focus on vampires, or the general supernatural world like The Sims 3 did. The clip showed a graveyard and a bat, which could mean zombies too. The new walk-style animation leaked last month was more of a zombie / possessed dead man walk than that of a vampire.

The second DLC is most definitely bowling-themed. In a perfect world, I’d really hope this becomes a skill, since that was somewhat of a missed opportunity for basketball, which relies on the athleticism skill. However, the animations and tricks that come with the basketball activity -- once your Sim levels up in athletics -- are awesome. But considering it’s just a stuff pack, I doubt a whole new skill would be introduced, especially for something like bowling.

Nonetheless, I’m sure it will be a great group activity with some cool interactions and objects. Fans of the franchise have seen bowling before in The Sims 3: University Life and The Sims 2: Nightlife. While it’s not the most game-changing activity, it’s certainly worthy of a stuff pack.

For everything we know about the vampire game pack so far, including specific features found in game files, check out our previous coverage.

Stay tuned for release dates.

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