‘The Sims 4’ Update: How To Hire The NPC Nanny And Adjust Lighting By Room [VIDEO]

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Download the July 14 patch to hire a Nanny. The Sims

Ever wondered what your kids do when you leave them home alone? Yesterday’s Sims 4 update brings back a beloved character to give a couple of tired parents a rest: The Nanny. So when you’ve just about had enough of your kids, pick up the phone and hire a nanny just like you would call for any other household service. Nannies will stay around until they are dismissed with a 24-hour cap. Now, you have an attentive adult who can keep growing your child’s Sims’ skills, take care of their needs, and be their new best friend for a day.

You could just go, you have every other time… the mystical daycare service has never failed you. But where do your kids go, really? Is it safe? Have you ever done a background check on this “so called” daycare service? And if they really are a “daycare” service, why are they available 24 hours a day… 7 days a week?

The nanny service isn’t the only important update this month. The Sims team also added a feature that allows you to adjust lighting by room. Adjust the color and light intensity with the new “this room” option next to “all lights” and “this lights.”

Set your Sims up for some serious backyard fun with the new slip and slide. Photo: The Sims

The new nanny may come in handy on July 19, when the Backyard Stuff pack arrives. Leave the kids inside with their new Voidcritter Battle Station and host an adult-only summer cookout with all the fun new backyard furniture. Follow this link for the full list of small changes included in the July 14 Sims patch.

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