‘Sims 4: Parenthood’ Adds Burping, Farting, Swearing And Bonus Traits For Good Manners

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The Sims 4 family game pack, now officially announced as Parenthood, brings more generational gameplay. With toddlers back, the timing couldn’t be any more perfect. Check out the trailer above.

'Sims 4: Parenthood' releases May 30.
'Sims 4: Parenthood' releases May 30. EA

Ever want to splatter paint all over the bathroom floor? Ground someone else instead of getting grounded? Now is your chance. Kids will be more deviant than ever with Parenthood in play. The rebellious trait is back in action -- kids will bite, make a mess, say bad words and shove each other -- but there’s a new parenting skill that will affect how players address bad behavior. The parenting skill has far reaching benefits, which leads to a new set of what EA is calling “character values traits.” Teaching your kids good manners, like setting the table, or when it’s appropriate to burp and fart, will eventually give them new traits that will positively affect their lives forever.

Take away privileges and ground your kids in 'Sims 4: Parenthood.'
Take away privileges and ground your kids in 'Sims 4: Parenthood.' EA

As far as features relating specifically to kids, children will bring home new projects to work on after class with parents and siblings. These school projects become permanent household objects, like backyard rockets, exploding volcanoes, building a robot and various dioramas. Kids can now also practice becoming a doctor by using a stethoscope on teddy bears. Teach your kids how to manage their anger and stop crying by taking a deep breath. Take away video game privileges. Even pack a brown bag lunch and eat with placemats.

Hopefully, this kitchen layout will be available in the game pack.
Hopefully, this kitchen layout will be available in the game pack. EA

One of the most exciting things in the new trailer is all the amazing kitchen stuff. New cabinets, a farm sink, drying rack, bathroom storage and cupboards with an old school, broken-in flavor. Couches with pillows! There’s also new clothing styles, including jeans with a plaid shirt tied around the waist. It also looks like these clothes will end up on the floor and your kids probably won’t want to clean them up, so yeah, there’s that to look forward to. Tons of new wall decorations make rooms look much more teenager-y, including band posters and some cool sneakers photos. There’s new twin-sized beds and bookshelves. Make the house super cluttered and place bins of toys, craft containers, boxes of blocks, and toy trains and helicopters in every crevice. Hang up your kids’ drawings all over the walls.

Fill your house will clutter.
Fill your house will clutter. EA

Fans are speculating we could be getting a pre-teen lifestage, but there’s been no confirmation or indication that is happening in the teasers. One most-wanted feature missing in the trailers is bunkbeds. This would have been the perfect opportunity, especially since the feature was also left out of Kids Stuff last fall, but who knows what other objects we will find in build mode when the pack releases. There are, however, new facial blemishes like pimples available in create-a-sim.

Even if your toddler makes a mess, you have to love them anyway.
Even if your toddler makes a mess, you have to love them anyway. EA

If you want to find out what kind of Sims parent you will be ahead of time, go ahead and take the game pack quiz. The quiz reveals families will be able to volunteer at a soup kitchen, nursing home, do beach cleanup or cook for a bake sale. You're either a fun parent, nurturing parent, relaxed parent or strict parent.

Get ready for bickering teenagers and messy rooms.
Get ready for bickering teenagers and messy rooms. EA

Parenthood appears to be Sims 4 ’s take on Generations. It is weird Parenthood was released as an expansion pack, considering Kids Stuff and Parenthood are both family-themed, but there’s no doubt some of these features are completely unique and exciting additions to the game.

Parenthood releases May 30.

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