Sims 4 Console Producer On DLC Lineup: ‘We Are Going As Fast As We Can’

These Sims 4 expansion packs arrive on consoles Nov. 17.
These Sims 4 expansion packs arrive on consoles Nov. 17. EA

The Sims 4 hasn’t been released for Xbox or PS4 just yet, but one of the most anticipated parts of the game so far are the upcoming DLC rollouts, which is something The Sims 4 fans have long enjoyed on PC. EA announced the lineup this morning and they will all be available to purchase Nov. 17 when the game releases:

-City Living Expansion Pack

-Vampires Game Pack

-Perfect Patio Stuff Pack

-Vintage Glamor Stuff Pack

“We want to keep bringing DLC out over time and we are going to go as fast as we can,” Sims 4 producer Michael Duke told Player.One. “For the console, just like the PC, we really want to follow through on treating our game like a service where we continue to listen to our players and we keep enhancing that experience.”

One of the main goals of The Sims 4 console release was to replicate the PC game experience. In order to consistently roll out the the same DLC as the PC, the controls had to be remapped to fit perfectly across the board.

“Setting that goal for ourselves made it all the more important to make sure that what we did on the console felt very similar to PC, so that I could play the same way and so we could bring over the same content expansion.”

Duke said choosing his favorite town to play on The Sims 4 console would be like asking him to pick his favorite child, but admitted he’s particularly interested to see the reaction to San Myshuno (introduced in City Living). Duke noted there are many PC players who have never seen what Sims 4 looks like at its highest quality, which is one advantage to the console version.

“I do think one of the things you’ll get with San Myshuno is that sense of scale. The team did such an amazing job bringing more urban city to life in that. I think when you get that on the big screen, it’s still going to look amazingly well. One of the things we talked about internally is so few of our players are actually able to play the PC game at the alter rendering settings. Even though we have a lot of players out there, there’s many who have never seen the game at this visual quality and that’s going to be exciting even for players who play the PC just to see what it really does look like.”

Duke didn’t give any hints as to what DLC could come next, but he did say he’ll be paying close attention to the community forums and engaging with players on Twitter for feedback after launch.

“We are going to be listening and we want to keep building. We are going ot make it the game you want it to be.”

Which DLCs would you like to see release next? Let us know in the comments and check out our top picks here.

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