‘The Sims 4: City Living’ Expansion Pack: No Apartments From Scratch, Limited Loading Screens & More San Myshuno Details

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City Living The Sims 4

The new Sims 4 expansion pack, City Living , releases Nov. 1. The upcoming DLC will offer a brand new world named San Myshuno, a hilly coastal city with apartments. Imagine large penthouse apartments with grassy rooftops, red-brick townhomes with stoops, cockroaches, basketball and food stands. Some of these features you’ll remember from previous packs like Apartment Life and Late Night, while others are brand new. Since there’s only been one trailer, we still have lots to learn about City Living. To answer a few questions about speculated gameplay, a handful of Sims producers took to Twitter this afternoon. Here’s the most important things we learned about City Living.

Lot Traits

Apartments bring new lot traits that can be assigned to any lot. Cheaper apartments have certain traits locked in from the get-go (similar to other specific lot types like restaurants). There are roughly 20 new available traits. Cursed, Filthy and Quake Zone are three mentioned by the producers.


Chose your own neighbors in each building unit. Sims aren’t necessarily randomly generated. Place neighbors the same way you would in other worlds. Multiple families can live in one building. Interactions with your neighbors happen frequently--using the trash chute, stopping by, and complaining of loud noise.

Apartment Building/Design

You cannot create an apartment from scratch or place them in other worlds. Decorate the apartments to your liking, but certain elements can’t be modified--such as electrical boxes and pipes. Interior walls can be modified and added, but exterior walls cannot be changed. Windows and the front door cannot be moved. Buildings have between 2-4 different available apartments. There’s “way more than 3 buildings” in San Myshuno, according to the producers.

Loading Screens

There will be a loading screen upon entering a neighbor’s apartment, but the knocking on door, hanging out in a common area, using the elevator and visiting festivals interactions will all operate like an open world.

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