Sims 4 Cats & Dogs Gameplay Impressions: Pets Release Looks Polished

The Sims 4 pets expansion pack is the most refined DLC yet.
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The Sims 4 pets expansion pack releases Nov. 10.
The Sims 4 pets expansion pack releases Nov. 10. EA

Sims 4 players have known since the launch they needed two features: toddlers and pets. Ever since The Sims 4 toddlers update arrived last January, members of the community have been on the hunt for any possible clue regarding a pets release--in the code, on twitter, in new DLC’s. But pet features are no longer a prospect. Come Nov. 10, they’re’s a reality. After a three-hour gameplay demo at EA headquarters in Redwood City, here’s why Cats & Dogs should be on your radar.

Create-A-Pet is the star of Sims 4: Cats & Dogs, especially when it comes to development challenges. There is an obnoxiously large amount of pre-set breeds included in this pack. You will need to use the search bar, unless you want to take 15 minutes and scroll through the entire list. And the list does not even include mixed breeds. There’s actually a breeding tool for that.

Choose the texture of fur, customize markings and sculpt the pet’s body in the same manner you would a Sim. More than a dozen traits give each animal a unique personality. These characteristics are displayed through scarily realistic animations. The way your kitty scratches his/her head with the paw, grooms, rolls over, plops down on the couch or lands on the counter are thoughtful and heartwarming … and don’t get me started on the interactions with children and toddlers. These creatures are spontaneous, annoying and cute… a.k.a. the perfect pets.

But Cats & Dogs does not forget the owners, either. Create-A-Sim is the expansion pack’s most pleasant surprise. The development team continues with the much-needed curly, wavy, and kinky hair trend. There are also some parted, straight, highlighted and braided hair options. These hairstyles are destined to become your next go-tos.

For clothing, the theme is clearly fall fashion. Layered tops for both genders take the spotlight--Henleys with a shirt underneath, a crop sweater over a button-down shirt, open jackets, and neutral colored sweaters. There’s some nice, hipster-inspired looks, such as a a pair of jeans with a plaid shirt around the waist, fall boots and cozy sweaters. There’s even a turtleneck and a pair of overalls!!

Once you spend hours in Create-A-Sim and Create-A-Pet, sweeping views of the ocean in Brindleton Bay will take your breath away. Go to the lighthouse for a romantic proposal setting during sunset … or by the waterfalls ... or on a bridge ... or on a dock next to the local fisherman. If your family currently resides in San Myshuno, prepare for a move away from all the concrete. Post up in Brindleton Bay in a modest New England style home where there are so. many. trees. (Did someone say seasons?)

Look, there may not be animal shelters or dog houses, but there are kittens, puppies and a vet career. Check back for our full review on Nov. 10. In the meantime, more Sims 4 coverage is below.

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