The Sims 4 Cats & Dogs’ Patch Notes Read Like A Surreal Animal Game

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Some cats and dogs in question from the game. EA

The Sims 4 recently introduced the adorable new Cats & Dogs update into the fold, which lets you create, customize and spend time with the pets of your choosing. As is the case with most games that offer a ridiculous amount of things for you to do, however, The Sims 4’s latest expansion can sometimes encounter some bugs. Fortunately, the Sims team has released a new December patch that aims to resolve several issues that players are no doubt getting frustrated with.

What’s funny here, however, are the exact fixes that were implemented for Cats & Dogs as well as the other aspects of The Sims 4 . Some of the fixes specifically for Cats & Dogs include a patch where “dogs should no longer stretch into horrible monstrosities (that only a demogorgon from the other side of Hawkins could love) when attempting to grab a toy from the toy box.” If that doesn’t accurately describe the sometimes totally weird world of The Sims , then perhaps nothing will.

As of this update, kittens will hopefully no longer find themselves stuck in Cat Condos, and taking your pets to get special preventative shots from the vet won’t “put them in a state of perpetual fear” anymore. Thank goodness for that. You’ll also see Smart Dogs ceasing their whimpering at unlocked doors when they need to use the restroom. The nature of all these bizarre fixes certainly make the game sound like one of the strangest, most surreal games out there.

The new update has also introduced new animal hats for Create A Sim. Sims can wear their favorite animals on their head in a way, which sounds like another aspect of the Cats & Dogs update. Does it make sense that you’d wear one of your pets on your head? No, but it could happen.

The December patch also fixed a wide selection of the other issues the game had ran into, such as problems with Sim criminals being outside of their jail cells after leaving and coming back to them the next day. The patch also makes sure Vampires no longer lose their powers after traveling. All’s well with the world, as far as Vampires are concerned.

You can read the entirety of these silly patch notes on the official The Sims forums , where SimGuruNick has posted the full list. Never, change, Sims.

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