‘Sims 4’ Bowling Stuff Pack Trailer: Neon Lighting, Rugs And More Next Week

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Bowling Night EA

It’s time to get excited for Sims 4: Bowling Night. The new Stuff Pack releases on March 29 after what seems like an eternity since Sims 4: Vampires released . This first trailer for Bowling Night confirms the activity works similarly to basketball. It’s not a full skill but there’s five levels. As your Sim plays and practices, they’ll learn trick shots and special moves.

At first, like the guy wearing the classic black and red bowling shirt in the trailer (which appears to come in a variety of colors), your Sim is going to look ridiculous going bowling for the first time. They may even lose their balance and fall on the glossy lane floor. Kids can also bowl, but they’ll probably start by lobbing the ball granny style.

About a minute in, the trailer gets to the good stuff, revealing much-needed rugs and carpets, bowling lane wood and retro furniture (including a couch, love seat, padded chair, lamp, shelves, dining table and coffee table.) A dope neon lit star-shaped clock hangs on the wall next to a new shelf holding bowling trophies and memorabilia. There’s an awesome full-wall neon lighting system and even a new bar. One of the coolest features in Sims 4: Bowling Night is Moonlight Bowling, which adjusts the vibe of your alley to deep purple and blue, giving your Sim a playful moodlet. Customize your own alley, or visit the premade lot, Dust Bowl, in Oasis Springs.

Bowling Night. Photo: EA
bowling night stuff
Bowling Night Photo: EA

Bowling Night comes equipped with gear like special shoes and even gloves for all the hard core league competitors out there. In addition to the more traditional bowling gear, the trailer reveals bright patterned and colored shirts for the masculine, and halter tops and high waisted shorts for the more feminine Sims. There’s a pair of loose fitting pants that are perfect for bowlers going for the comfy-casual look.

Bowling Night Photo: EA
Bowling Night Photo: EA

For Sims who are looking to master the bowling skills, show off your retro outfit and fancy moves to spectators or your tight group of five, the max amount of Sims allowed per lane.  Throw a fireball, spin around for a trick shot, or bowl with a special translucent ball. For first timers, don’t worry, you can ask for bumpers. View some of the other special tricks in the teaser (released in Dutch) below. Also, be sure to look out for the official Bowling Night livestream this Friday on Twitch.

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