Shovel Knight Dig: Update v1.1.3 Fixes Burrow Horns Exploit

Shovel Knight Dig
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Update v1.1.3 for the action platformer Shovel Knight Dig is now available on all platforms. This patch brought a lot of bug fixes and improvements, especially the fix that resolves an exploit while using Burrow Horns.

Burrow Horns is an accessory in Shovel Knight Dig that allows the titular character to jump and deal damage to anything that’s above him. That said, there was an exploit where it was possible to overlap with the Drill Knight’s sprite and deal significant damage. This is no longer possible in Update v.1.1.3.

Aside from that, players with high refresh rate monitors can enjoy the game even more now, thanks to the animation improvements implemented by the developers.

Patch Notes

  • While wearing the Ballistic Armor, Shovel Knight will now be pushed back when you hit someone in ball form.
  • Final Guard now offers you only 3 items, reduces the number of gems saved, and the damage taken has been reduced by a slight bit.
  • Master Argus now only offers 2 items.
  • When using Whisker to warp, max health is now set to 6 when skipping to a stage.
  • Adjusted the chances of items appearing in Gastronomole’s shop to prevent duplicate items from appearing.
  • Millbug enemy was made easier by reducing the spinning time by 1 second.
  • Reduced the number of Gems that Drill Soldiers could drop.
  • Side Drills now only deal 1 damage.
  • Special food now appears in your gear menu.
  • War Horn: Tweaked cooldown and overall damage balance.
  • Fire Blorb hitbox has been reduced by 1 pixel per side.
  • Familiars will no longer kill Drill Knight when Shovel Knight is holding the Omega Driver.
  • Many Shadow Cast relic improvements in a variety of rooms.
  • It’s now possible to cancel Daily/Weekly Leaderboard flags if you accidentally activate one.
  • Added a warning for Shovel Master move when a move is being replaced.
  • Adjusted sorting priority on moving platforms so they no longer clip incorrectly with background art.
  • Player was able to toss their Boomerang shovel and lose it while falling into a well, causing them to soft lock when reaching the next room.
  • Scrap Knight would soft lock when using the Gusteo Wand or the Comet Collar.
  • A bug where it was possible to defeat Spore Knight twice, which caused a soft lock.
  • Using the Fenix Feather during some bosses would cause a soft lock.
  • When using Comet Collar or Gusteo Wand on enemies/bosses, it inadvertently resulted in them being pushed through walls and becoming inaccessible.
  • Several potential soft locks in secret rooms.

Shovel Knight Dig Update v1.1.3 is available on Apple Arcade, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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