Shovel Knight Dig Officially Announced By Yacht Club Games

Currently only confirmed for a PS4 and Switch release.
Yacht Club Games, together with co-developer Nitrome, has officially announced Shovel Knight Dig.
Yacht Club Games, together with co-developer Nitrome, has officially announced Shovel Knight Dig. Yacht Club Games

After a pretty long time without any new developments, Shovel Knight publisher and developer Yacht Club Games has finally announced their newest title. Shovel Knight Dig is this latest game, a completely brand-new experience in the critically-acclaimed Shovel Knight series. The 2D action game looks and feels like a completely different title, as made evident by Yacht Club Games’ announcement trailer, which you can see down below.

The first thing you’ll probably notice is that Shovel Knight Dig’s presentation is a huge departure from the original Shovel Knight. The pixel art graphics have turned more colorful, animations feel a lot livelier and feature some very tasteful parallax effects in its level design. Gameplay is a bit different as well, as Shovel Knight Dig focuses on the titular Shovel Knight’s efforts as he goes ever downward with his trusty shovel. Think Downwell, but not as fast-paced and with so much more depth (pun intended).

Platforms for Shovel Knight Dig have yet to be announced, but it did receive a posting on the PlayStation blog which means that we will most probably see it for the PlayStation 4, while the original announcement from Yacht Club Games and developer Nitrome stated that the game will be playable for the Nintendo Switch during PAX West 2019, running from August 30 to September 2 at the Washington State Convention Center in Seattle.

Shovel Knight Dig tells a brand-new tale featuring the shovel-wielding hero, which begins when Drill Knight and his digging crew blast through Shovel Knight’s peaceful campsite and steal his oodles of loot. Not one to get upped by such antics, Shovel Knight sets on a journey underground, tunneling after the antagonists. Along the way he’ll meet new friends and enemies, visit other strange lands and gain new equipment to help him on his journey to save the entire land from collapsing.

Shovel Knight Dig features some roguelite elements in that various levels have been hand-crafted and pieced back together in different ways using a unique generation system, which allows for different adventures every time. Besides this, it’s just a revamped Shovel Knight experience that’s sure to draw in the biggest fans of the series.

Shovel Knight Dig’s announced platforms are for the PS4 and Switch, with a release date yet to be revealed. Expect more news once PAX West kicks off.

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