Shovel Knight Coming To Just Shapes And Beats In An Update

Hard game meets even harder game.
Shovel Knight comes to Just Shapes and Beats as an update, aptly titled Just Shovels and Knights.
Shovel Knight comes to Just Shapes and Beats as an update, aptly titled Just Shovels and Knights. Berzerk Studio

Just Shovels and Knights may be the update every Just Shapes and Beats player has been looking for.

Berzerk Studio’s Just Shapes and Beats has a very simple mechanic. You have to avoid the shapes and of course, dance to the beat. You can play alone or with three other friends, locally or online in the game’s story mode and challenge runs. Just Shapes and Beats has 35 hand crafted stages with licensed tracks from more than 20 chiptune and EDM artists (that you can all find on Spotify, by the way).

After telling the fans “So you thought this was hard?” Berzerk Studio comes out with another question, “So you thought that was all?

Just Shapes and Beats celebrated its birthday with a new update, bringing newly designed tracks, reimagined patterns, and a new difficulty level called hardcore. Aside from that, new language supports have been added for for German, Russian, and Traditional and Simplified Chinese.

Some might have been happy with just this, but some expressed their disappointments as they expected to receive more soundtracks. That’s where the “So you thought that was all?” comes in. A few moments after that update, Nintendo’s Japanese Indie World presentation came out and introduced Just Shovels and Knights. You will be able to enjoy songs from the side-scrolling adventure game of Yacht Club’s Shovel Knight ,which includes tracks from King Knight and Plague Knight that were all originally made by well-known composer Jake Kaufman.

For clarification, Berzerk Studio tweeted via the game’s official account saying, “To be clear, these are two different things. The Hardcore Edition update is out today, and the Shovel Knight content will launch at a later date.”

We’ll just have to wait for more updates on this Just Shovels and Knights content. If you haven’t played the game yet, Just Shapes and Beats is available for both Nintendo Switch and PC. You can grab a copy and give their latest hardcore mode update a try for $19.99. What do you think about this upcoming update? Are you thrilled to play with Shovel Knight’s tunes on Just Shapes and Beats? Tell us about it.

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