'Sherlock' Season 4 Trailer: New Clip Teases Moriarty's Return

The BBC released a new "Sherlock" Season 4 trailer at San Diego Comic-Con, teasing the return of Moriarty.
The BBC released a new "Sherlock" Season 4 trailer at San Diego Comic-Con, teasing the return of Moriarty. BBC

The BBC released a new trailer for Sherlock Season 4 over the weekend during a panel at San Diego Comic-Con. The clip immediately begins with a pre-recorded segment of Moriarty (Andrew Scott) saying “Did you miss me?” referring to the Season 3 finale when the arch nemesis of Sherlock (Benedict Cumberbatch) makes his mysterious return on every screen.

“Something’s coming,” says Sherlock ominously in the trailer. “Maybe it’s Moriarty, maybe it’s not. Something’s coming.”

In a previous season, fans witnessed the death of Moriarty after the villain shoots himself in the head thinking he coerced Sherlock into jumping off a roof. The eccentric protagonist faked his own death, but can the same be said for Moriarty?

According to Sherlock, no. In the last few minutes of the one-episode special released earlier this year, The Abominable Bride, Sherlock says: “Moriarty is dead, no question. But more importantly, I know exactly what he’s going to do next.”

But elsewhere in the newly released promo, a figure is seen walking towards police officers at a beach. While no face is revealed, the figure is suspiciously reminiscent of Moriarty’s frame and hairstyle.

Dead or alive, Moriarty’s supposed return will surely shake things up. “All I can say is, this is a major, life-changing series for the regulars," said series co-creator Mark Gatiss, who also plays Mycroft Holmes on the cult-favorite series, to Entertainment Weekly. "The repercussions of Moriarty’s apparent return are far-reaching. It’s very big stuff.”

The trailer teases at a more violent season, warning that “everything they know will be tested” and “everyone they know is under threat.” In the Comic-Con panel, actress Amanda Abbington, who plays Mary Morstan, shed some insight about the new season. "It's really dark,” said Abbington, reports NME. “It's the darkest Steven and Mark have written."

The promo also introduces actor Toby Jones, who was cast to play a mystery villain in the series earlier this summer, laughing nefariously and interacting with Sherlock.

"We're thrilled to welcome one of our finest actors to the Sherlock family," said Gatiss. "I know Toby will embrace the part with true relish!" Co-creator Steven Moffat added: "Delighted to have Toby Jones on board, bringing to life one of Doyle’s finest villains.”

Little has been revealed about Season 4 but Gatiss and Moffat issued a press release about the new season in April. “ Sherlock [Season] four—here we go again!” they said. “Whatever else we do, wherever we all go, all roads lead back to Baker Street—and it always feels like coming home. Ghosts of the past are rising in the lives of Sherlock Holmes and John Watson bringing adventure, romance and terror in their wake.”

The sneak peek confirms the return of Martin Freeman as Dr. Watson, Abbington as Morstan, Una Stubbs as Mrs. Hudson, Rupert Graves as DI Lestrade, Jonathan Aris as Anderson, Gatiss as Mycroft and Louise Brealey as Molly Hooper.

Sherlock Season 4 is slated to debut early 2017.

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