Fans Complain On Downgraded Promotional Art For Shakedown: Hawaii

Shakedown: Hawaii
Shakedown: Hawaii VBank Entertainment

Ahead of the official launching of Shakedown: Hawaii, fans and players excited to play the sequel to Retro City Rampage complained that the promotional art has been downgraded.

In a post on a ResetEra forum, user ScOULaris claimed that the change in artwork is understandable considering that in the original artwork, the main character as depicted did not look like the one in the game. To prove the point, the user posted a before and after photo.

Promotional art for Shakedown: Hawaii
Promotional art for Shakedown: Hawaii ResetEra Forum: ScOULaris

ScOULaris said that the difference is glaring. In the first photo, the main character has the appearance of someone who is unhinged and clearly at the end of his rope. However, the new promo art shows the main character looking like “a slovenly used car salesman half-heartedly hoisting a rocket launcher over his shoulder while he reluctantly waits for the frantic lawyer to finish signing his papers.”

The user also notes that the timing is off, as the rework for the promo art was done just before the game’s actual release.

Other users commented similarly, with one user saying that the main character “looks bored” in the new promo art while another said he looks sad and was “being forced to do it.”

Another user by the name Lichtsang also brought attention in the same thread that the background was also changed. Not only was the background downgraded, but it was now incomplete.

Shakedown: Hawaii is the official sequel to Retro City Rampage and is set 30 years after the events of the latter. Players follow a struggling CEO trying to makes sense of the modern world and new business models. The game has 16-bit visuals and offers an open world along with destructible environments

The game was released today, May 7, to the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, and PC platforms. The game is scheduled to be ported to the Nintendo 3DS later this year.

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