Shadow Fight Arena: Patch Nerfs Marcus; Buffs Jet

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Shadow Fight Arena is a free online 3D fighting game on Android and iOS. It received a new update that implemented balancing changes. Patch has nerfed Marcus and buffed Jet. Other heroes also received some adjustments.

Hero Adjustments

It looks like Marcus is one of the heavily nerfed heroes in this update. According to the developers, he has been the strongest hero for quite some time, which prompted some changes.

His heavy attack damage is reduced by 17%. Moreover, the special attack damage from the last attack is reduced by 30%. But here’s the real bummer: the chances of him dealing a critical strike is reduced by half.

Ironclad is on a similar boat as Marcus. His odds to critically strike an opponent is reduced by half as well. Besides that, the damage increase coefficient from his level six talent, Adrenaline, is reduced to just 1.2.

On the other hand, Jet has received some pretty good adjustments to improve her win rate. For instance, the physical damage multiplier of her Wasteland Harmony ability is increased to 1.1 at one stack but decreased from 1.85 to 1.75 at 16 stacks.

Jet’s 10th level talent, Sand Storm, has its physical and shadow damage multipliers at one stack increased to 1.21 but it is reduced from 1.85 to 1.78 at 16 stacks.

Patch Notes

  • Heavy Attack Damage
    • Reduced by 17%
  • Special Attack Damage from last attack
    • Reduced by 30%
  • Probability of critical attack
    • Reduced by half
  • 5th level talent
    • Attack reduced to 5%
    • Shadow Power reduced to 5%
  • Probability of critical attack
    • Reduced by half
  • 6th level talent Adrenaline. Damage increase coefficient
    • Reduced to 1.2
  • Lower attack damage
    • Reduced by 25%
  • Basic Attack Start of Unbreakable State Interval
    • Increased to 22 frames
  • 9th level talent
    • Changed from 10% defense to 10% attack and shadow power
  • 3rd level talent
    • Changed from 10% attack and shadow power to 10% defense
  • Wasteland Harmony ability
    • Multiplier at 1 stack: Increased to 1.1
    • Multiplier at 16 stack: Reduced to 1.75
  • 10th level talent Sand Storm:
    • Multiplier at 1 stack: Increased to 1.21
    • Multiplier at 16 stack: Reduced to 1.78
  • 7th level talent:
    • Attack: Increased to 8%
    • Shadow Power: Increased to 8%
  • 9th level talent:
    • Increased to 15% defense
  • Attack reduced to 100
  • Multiplier of shadow energy received for successful hits:
    • Decreased by 17%

Shadow Fight Arena Patch is now available on Android, iOS, and PC.

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