Shadow of the Colossus’ Secret Unlockable Has Been Found

Shadow of the Colossus is a great-looking game.
Shadow of the Colossus is a great-looking game. Sony

Shadow of the Colossus was originally released in 2005, but recently it received a ground-up PlayStation 4 remake of the game, developed by Bluepoint Games. It just debuted last week and gamers have been absolutely thrilled with the updated version of the classic title. The game enjoyed near universal acclaim for the improved graphics, gameplay, and the introduction of a new control scheme. But there was one new addition that fans weren't counting on, a surprise to those playing through the new version for the first time: a collectible challenge that can unlock a shiny new reward: The Sword of Dormin.

The Sword of Dormin was hidden quite well and not meant to be unlocked right away. However, YouTube channel PS4Trophies shared the discovery on Friday morning, with footage uploaded as proof. The Sword of Dormin is a powerful tool that will increase the damage Wander can deal when he attack the enormous Colossi that roam the land. However, the blade also reduces how quickly and how much he can regenerate his health.

Getting the sword, however, is not an easy task. You must first collect all 79 of the new collectibles that are added to the remake. They're a new type of collectible called Enlightenments (or Gold Coins) that you'll have to find in addition to the Fruit Trees and Lizard Tails from the original game. Fruit Trees and Lizard Tails previously increased both your health and stamina gauges respectively, and you'd get a Trophy if you found one of either type. However, you won't snag your Enlightenment trophy unless you get all 79 of them.

Enlightenments look like golden coins on the map, and when you find them, they'll be kept in a log on the bottom corner of the map screen with a counter that lets you know how many are found. At the beginning, when the game launched, players didn't even know how many of the Enlightenments there were, so not only did eager collectible hunters first have to figure that out, but also find them all on the map.

You can see the entire stream in the video above, and launch your own hunt for the collectibles to find the Sword of Dormin. Be forewarned that it’s going to take quite a while to get them all. At least, with this discovery, the mystery is complete now.

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