Seven Knights 2 Brings a New Hero and Introduces Guild Wars

Be ready for a Guild War.
Be ready for a Guild War. Netmarble

A new update has been released for Seven Knights 2, which not only offers new ways to play but also expands the game’s horizons. A new hero has arrived in Scarlet Volley Legendary Claire, a Legendary Hero can wipe out waves of enemies with a single arrow. When compared to the original Claire, this version has a more mature and more powerful appearance.

To celebrate the arrival of Legendary Claire, there’s a Hero Summon Rate Up Event where players have the chance to get Legendary Heroes which can strengthen their decks. Details include:

  • Special Summon Rate Up
    • Increased Rate for acquiring Legendary+ Nestra’s Disciple Shane
  • Summon Shop Rate Up
    • Increased Rates for acquiring Scarlet Volley Legendary Claire and White Wolf Legendary Evan

There’s also the “Scarlet Volley Claire Upgrade Support Special Mission!” event where players get extra rewards based on what level they have achieved for Claire. Overall, players can obtain a maximum of 20 Scarlet Volley Claire Soulstones from this event.

Guild Wars

The new update also introduces Guild War. This is a season-based piece of content that tests the strengths of different guilds and offers exciting season rewards. Ongoing right now is the “Enjoy the Guild Pre-Season! Special Mission” event, which ends December 8.

Here are some of the details of the Guild War:

  • The basic rules of Guild Wars are the same as the Normal Arena.
  • Only guilds with 15 members or more can participate in Guild Wars.
  • Guild Wars are divided into a preparation period and a battle period.
  • Guild Wars are held 3 times a week for 48 hours each. The phases are matching, preparation, battle, and result calculations.
  • In a Guild War, there are 3 outer camps, 2 inner camps, and 1 main camp.
  • There are 3 attack chances available during the Guild War. Heroes, pets, and formations used in each attack cannot be used again until the next war.
  • The Guild War score is calculated by adding points earned from, participating in the Guild War, defeating heroes, and annihilating the defense team.
  • The guild with the higher score when the Guild War is over wins.

What do you think? Do you have what it takes to join Guild Wars? Learn more about it here.

Seven Knights 2 is available on Android, iOS, and PC.

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