The Settlers: New Allies Launching February 17

In the mood for a reboot?
In the mood for a reboot? Ubisoft

A lot of video games lately have been getting the reboot or remake treatment, and The Settlers franchise is joining the trend with a reboot set for release on February 17, 2023. Titled The Settlers: New Allies, it’s launching first on PC with pre-orders now available through the Ubisoft Store and Epic Games Store.

The Settlers was first released in 1993 and it has spawned a lot of sequels since then. The Settlers: New Allies was revealed in January 2022 with a planned launch for March. However, when March came, it was announced that the launch would be postponed. Hopefully, there would be no more changes to the February 2023 schedule.

What to Expect

Once The Settlers: New Allies launches, it’s expected to offer a story-driven single-player campaign. In this game, one of the three factions, the Elari, was driven from their homeland and now need to find new friends among the Maru and Jorn factions. Together, they’ll be looking for a new and safe place to settle.

In terms of gameplay, there’s a Skirmish mode where players have the chance to go against a maximum of seven others and/or AI opponents in co-op or PvP matches, with 12 maps available at launch. Players can also enjoy Hardcore mode where they are introduced to scenarios that will test their skill against the challenging AI, whether solo or co-op.

Game Features

  • A World to Explore
    • Choose among three factions: Elari, Maru, and Jorn.
    • Each one has a unique look, playstyle, and background story.
  • Various Game Modes
    • Play online in thrilling skirmishes against other players or AI.
  • ​A Thrilling Journey
    • Experience a story-driven campaign set in the world of The Settlers.
    • Players can also go for the special Hardcore mode and its additional challenges.
  • State-of-the-Art Graphics
    • Fully reimagined from the ground up, with stunning graphics and detailed animations.

Pre-order Now

Fans of The Settlers franchise can now pre-order this upcoming reboot ahead of the launch. They can choose to get the Deluxe Edition which has the base game plus these:

  • Royal Items Set
  • Royal Title Set
  • 3-Day Shard Booster
  • Pathfinder's Mark
  • Explorer Title
  • Compass Emblem
  • The Art of Settlers Digital Artbook
  • Selected Game Soundtrack

Those who pre-order also get access to the Founders Pack, which contains:

  • 3 Reef Towers
  • Captain Title
  • 1-Day Shard Booster

Pre-order the game on the Ubisoft Store and the Epic Games Store.

Versions for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, and Amazon Luna are currently in development.

What are your thoughts on this reboot?

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