Settlement Survival October 11 Update: Performance Optimizations and Bug Fixes

Settlement Survival Update 0.85.316.146
Settlement Survival Update 0.85.316.146 steam

Settlement Survival recently received an update for its alpha build, focusing on performance optimizations and bug fixes. This update will not make it to the live build until the developers fully tested it. So, if you want to try it out, manually switch the game to the alpha build.

Performance Optimizations

In this update, the developers made some changes to optimize game performance. While these changes aren’t massive, they seem going in the right direction. Starting with the improved UI for save games to give them a fresher look and smoother feel. There are also the optimized effects for some interfaces and a brand-new game pause screen effect.

Bug Fixes

The developers fixed some issues in this update. One of the annoying issues fixed is the error message that pops up after completing the Easter Island script. If you’ve experienced this issue, check it out on the alpha build and it should be fine. Additionally, the problem where the game would flicker in clinic and hospital models is now resolved.

Settlement Survival Update 0.85.316.146

Feature Adjustment
  • Adjusted the dry feces output of public toilets.
  • Adjusted the zoom ratio of some windows when the window zoom is set to zoom in (>50%).
  • The default production limit of processed food and beverage products is adjusted to 500.
Performance Optimization
  • Replaced the new game pause screen effect.
  • Optimized the effect of some interfaces.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed the problem that the game could not be entered when some mods were selected.
  • Fixed the problem that the immune disease effect in the health bonus is invalid (the old archives that are already in the bonus range need to be re-raised to the bonus range after reducing their health to obtain this effect correctly).
  • Fixed the problem of tech progress refresh.
  • Fixed the problem that the building priority construction icon disappeared.
  • Fixed the problem that the loading interface picture and progress bar would be abnormal.
  • Fixed the bonus of the fertile soil point of the composting plant to the water nursery.
  • Fixed the problem of abnormal display in some interfaces.
  • Fixed the problem that some interface texts were abnormal.
  • Fixed the problem that the background frame rate limit did not take effect in windowed mode.
  • Fixed the problem that the model of the Grand Palace displayed abnormally.

You can read more about the update over here.

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