Sector's Edge Update v1.3.8: New Server Locations, UI Changes, and More

Sector’s Edge Update 1.3.8
Sector’s Edge Update 1.3.8 Vercidium

Sector’s Edge recently received its 1.3.8 update, which made a few changes and fixed bugs. The Points UI system was a bit messy in the previous version, so the developer updated it to make it look clean. The points from kills/killstreaks/headshots will be combined, which reduces the number of points on the screen. A red icon will appear on the right to show either headshot or killstreak.

The developer has also improved the networking engine to optimize the game's overall performance. Additionally, players from Seoul, Athens, Stockholm, and Helsinki get new servers, which should reduce the latency and smoothen connectivity.

Sector's Edge Update v1.3.8 (Bug Fixes)

  • Fixed a client-side freeze during animation calculation
  • Fixed an issue with respawning with certain loadouts
  • Fortifying + Attacking + Defending points now work properly in Capture the Flag
  • Fixed a network issue with Disruptors
  • Peacekeeper and Polling Rate settings are now properly set on respawn
  • Fixed disruptor rendering
  • Fixed network issues with loadouts/respawn/tool swapping
  • Fixed snow color when in-game brightness is > 100%
  • Fixed issues with saving match statistics when a server restarts at the end of the round
  • Fixed networking issues with placing disruptors and changing weapons
  • Fixed issues with respawning in some regions of the map
  • Fixed issues with out-of-bounds regions in Breakthrough
  • Fixed issues with LMG and Minigun overheat
  • Fixed issues with the flag falling below the map
  • Fixed Control Shift team spawns on Laboratory
  • Fixed issues with picking up and using C4 in Spire
  • Fixed respawn issues at the start of Arena matches
  • Fixed gun and ammo sync when advancing to the next gun in Gun Game
  • Fixed eternal loading between matches
  • Fixed scope render regions for the Rail Gun
  • Fixed rendering and texture issues when customizing weapon skins in-game
  • The flag/bomb is now returned to its spawn when its carrier dies out of bounds or drops it out of - bounds
  • Smarter out-of-bounds regions in Control Shift
  • Fixed issues with throwing a C4/Disruptor right after unholstering
  • Fixed issues with canisters spawning at the bottom of the map
  • Fixed map brightness issues with Dynamic Rendering Settings
  • Fixed issues with structure placement

You can read more about the update here.

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