Sector's Edge Update v1.3.7a: Weapons Overheating, Network Improvements, and More

Sector's Edge 1.3.7a
Sector's Edge 1.3.7a Steam

Sector's Edge recently received a new update that improved network performance and fixed bugs.

The network improvements made the game smoother and resolved issues related to loadouts/respawn/tool swapping. Additionally, an issue where the LMG and Minigun overheat before its time limit has been fixed.

Sector's Edge Update v1.3.7a

  • Fixed disruptor rendering
  • Fixed issues with the collision on the edge of the map
  • Fixed snow color when in-game brightness is greater than 100%
  • Fixed issues with saving match statistics when a server restarts at the end of the round
  • Fixed networking issues with placing disruptors and changing weapons
  • Fixed issues with respawning in some regions of the map
  • Fixed issues with out-of-bounds regions in Breakthrough
  • Fixed CTF/ESC flag/bomb icons rendering before the flag has respawned after being captured
  • CTF/ESC top-center match UI color now matches custom team colors
  • Fixed issues with the flag/bomb getting stuck inside team spawns with complex shapes (e.g. Soltrium Temple)
  • Fixed issues with LMG and Minigun overheat
  • Fixed issues with the flag falling below the map
  • Fixed Control Shift team spawns on Laboratory
  • Fixed issues with picking up and using C4 in Spire
  • Fixed respawn issues at the start of Arena matches
  • Fixed gun and ammo sync when advancing to the next gun in Gun Game
  • Fixed eternal loading between matches
  • Fixed scope render regions for the Rail Gun
  • Fixed rendering and texture issues when customizing weapon skins in-game
  • The flag/bomb is now returned to its spawn when its carrier dies out of bounds or drops it out of bounds
  • Smarter out-of-bounds regions in Control Shift
  • Fixed issues with throwing a C4/Disruptor right after unholstering
  • Fixed issues with canisters spawning at the bottom of the map
  • Fixed map brightness issues with Dynamic Rendering Settings
  • Switch tool input is delayed until throwing a grenade/C4/disruptor is finished
  • Switch tool input is delayed until detonating C4 is finished
  • Improved player position+rotation networking quality
  • Left-clicking when you have no C4 left will no longer detonate the C4
  • Custom lobbies will no longer expire if they have spectators in them
  • Revamped networking engine with faster input event processing, smaller packet sizes, and more efficient memory management

You can read more about the update here.

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