Sea of Thieves: Update 2.3.2 Adds Season Three Plunder Pass Items to Pirate Emporium

Sea of Thieves Update 2.3.2
Sea of Thieves Update 2.3.2 Rare Studios

Season Four of Sea of Thieves is nearing its end and the latest update just ensures that you will be getting the most out of the current season. Update 2.3.2 adds Season Three’s Plunder Pass items to the Pirate Emporium, so those unable to get them back then may do so starting today.

Anyway, there are a lot of bug fixes and improvements implemented in this update. Deep-sea encounters may be a bit less dangerous now because Sirens are less likely to ambush you when you’re swimming underwater. Also, when a crew encounters them in the open seas, the number of Sirens spawning has been reduced significantly.

Another important change is that players can no longer strike a spawn location and receive an audio cue when doing so. You see, some people would ride their ferries and scour different spawn locations. Striking these locations would produce a sound telling them that someone is about to respawn at that spot.

This change would just make it so that “spawn campers” could longer abuse the system, letting those who are about to get back into the action respawn without getting killed shortly after.

Update 2.3.2 Highlights

Deep Sea Encounters
  • While swimming underwater, players can still be ambushed by Sirens, but this now occurs less frequently
  • When a crew encounters Sirens in the open seas, the limit on how many Sirens will appear during the encounter has been significantly reduced
Sloop Redecorating
  • Crews preferring the smaller-sized Sloop have often questioned the need for a brig on board. Sloopers will now find that the brig has been replaced with a comfy mattress
  • Crews joining a server at the start of a session should now always begin their journey at an Outpost
  • After firing an Eye of Reach, switching to a cutlass and back in quick succession no longer reloads the weapon outside the player’s view
  • Megalodons attacking a stationary ship should no longer cause the ship to stutter in position
Fury of the Damned
  • All players who contributed to the Community Spirit Challenge by annihilating skeletons during October’s Fury of the Damned Event will now find the Destroyer of the Damned Title available in their Vanity Chest
Visual and Audio
  • When boarding a ship from the sea, players are no longer able to muffle the boarding audio effects by grabbing the ladder while underwater or while using equipment, ensuring nearby players will always hear someone boarding from the ocean
  • Players should no longer be able to strike a location where other players may be respawning and receive an audio effect, confirming that player’s location
  • Players should no longer briefly see another crew’s mermaid smoke and audio effects when they themselves are not abandoned at sea

You can read the full patch notes here.

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