SCUM Update Danny Trejo Character Pack and Bug Fixes

SCUM Update
SCUM Update Steam

SCUM recently received an update that added Danny Trejo as the first character pack in-game.

Character Pack

This update brings a brand new DLC to let players play as the legendary Danny Trejo. This DLC includes the complete model, special clothing, and a specific weapon to make you feel and look like Danny Trejo.

  • Complete Model: Players get the complete model of Danny Trejo, which fits all body types and it comes with his legendary tattoos.
  • Voice-acted actions and taunts: The model’s not the only thing in the DLC, Danny Trejo has voiced all his lines himself, which sync with every action. Try not to get in his path because his voice taunts might add more salt to injury.
  • Special clothing: This pack will also come with special clothing worn by Danny Trejo in his most popular roles. So, players can drop in style and dominate the server.
  • Legendary machete: Danny Trejo’s most iconic weapon, his machete is a part of the DLC. It’s up to the player to keep it as a showcase or get some kills with it.

Don’t worry about your character progress because Doctor NPC will offer plastic surgery that allows players to completely change their appearance. The first change is free for DLC players.

SCUM Update

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed the bug where the plane audio was not affected by the effect audio slider.
  • Fixed the bug where players was able to unload ammo from the M1 Garand with the clip remaining in the weapon.
  • Fixed the bug where player would get stuck in iron sights view after changing scopes and aiming.
  • Fixed the bug where hair would not grow.
  • Fixed the bug where body part affliction on the HUD would not show if bleeding injury has suppressed bleeding which causes infection.
  • Fixed the bug that caused a reset of trading table localization data.
  • Level design bug fixing.
QoL Additions
  • Big improvised raft can now be sold to Harbormaster.
  • Added a new log to the economy log that shows users online while transaction is made.
  • Admin drones can now open inventory of clothing in vicinity.

You can read more about the update here.

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