SCUM Update Strength and Condition Rework, New POI, and Bug Fixes

SCUM Update
SCUM Update Steam

SCUM recently received an update that improved fishing, reworked Strength and Condition, introduced another point of interest, and added bug fixes.

Fishing Improvements

The developers wanted to make the fishing experience more realistic. So, they implemented some changes that players have to take into consideration before fishing. The factors are:

  • Time of day.
  • Size of the body of water.
  • The bait you use.
  • The quality of the line.

Make sure to find the perfect opportunity or you might come empty-handed.

Strength and Condition Rework

In the previous version of the game, Condition gains were linked to the velocity of prisoners' movement. This is completely changed in this update, so now Condition gains depend on these parameters:

  • Action difficulty.
  • Weight load.
  • Terrain: Uphill/Downhill.

Strength gains will work similarly to Condition gains. However, Strength is more influenced by weight load, while Condition depends on the task difficulty parameter. Simply put, Strength gains are based on how much you carry, just like in the real world. If your Strength level is low and you're carrying something really heavy, you'll have more gains than someone with higher Strength lifting something lightweight.

New Hospital

Getting into fights is very common in SCUM and this often leads to exhausting medical supplies to patch up those injured. So, the developers added the new Klenovnik Hospital with plenty of supplies for the wounded. This is the new point of interest located in the B0 sector, which was abandoned for a long time. It might be a bit scary, but players will definitely find those medical supplies in there.

SCUM Update

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed the bug where you could not activate voice lines while in vehicles.
  • Fixed the bug where setting unlimited trader stock in server settings would completely disable any purchases.
  • Fixed the bug where player would not get teleported back to starting position when logged out in the middle of events.
  • Fixed the bug where player corpses would sometime disappear too soon.
  • Fixed the bug where player would spawn naked if relogged when character was unconscious.
  • Fixed the bug where mushrooms would disappear if picked up with full inventory.
  • Fixed the bug where burying would complete instantly.
  • Fixed the bug where some items would not get damaged when force unlocking containers.
QoL Additions
  • Foot abrasions can now develop bleeding effects and infections.
  • Inventory panel will now be hidden when selecting new face for plastic surgery.

You can read more about the update here.

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