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Scum Update
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SCUM developer Gamepires recently released a new hotfix that follows the major KillBox update. This hotfix addressed bugs like being able to build walls on top of cabins, inventory sizes for boots, and some issues with puppet parts causing a collision.

Other changes include increased silent alarm, blueprints no longer flips, and repairable weapon ghillies. The previous update introduced a few new ghillie suits. But the developers decided that the black and pink suits are only available in the KillBox.

SCUM Hotfix

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the bug where it was possible to build walls on top of cabins.
  • Fixed the inventory size for construction rubber boots.
  • Fixed the bug where items that took glove slots but were not gloves would add pressure to the lockpicking minigame (ex. armguard).
  • Fixed the bug where suicide puppets body parts would cause a collision.

QoL Additions

  • Increased silent alarm, trap kill, and cargo drop notification pop up time to 15 seconds.
  • Renamed the destroy interaction in upgrade blueprints to Cancel.
  • Blueprints no longer offer the flip interaction while you are placing it.
  • Crossbow fire will now attract AI in the same range as bows.
  • Weapon ghillies are now repairable.
  • Black and pink ghillie suits can now only be found in the Killbox.
  • Adjusted pressure stats for thin and thick gloves.
  • Returned Christmas items to the island.
  • Added the winter main menu.
  • Added the ability to choose between auto-reloading or manually reloading the crossbow. When crossbow, is equipped press the Check fire mode combination to switch between modes.

Admin Commands

Vehicles will now list their ID as written in the server database. So, when you, for example, delete the #72 vehicle on the list, the new vehicle that spawns will not replace that same ID. Though, it's placed at the end of the list with a new ID.

- Now you can use the true/false command to copy it directly to your clipboard (#listspawnedvehicles true)

- You can now filter specific vehicles types you want to be listed as well
Example: #ListSpawnedVehicles true SUVs - this will list all the SUV's and put the output of the command in your clipboard
You can search all the different types of vehicles we have: SUV's, Quads, Pickups, Tractors, Wheelbarrows.
If you want all MotorizedVehicles in one place, you can type out #listspawnedvehicles true MotorizedVehicle.
If you want all player-controlled vehicles (wheelbarrows) you can use the argument #listspawnedvehicles true HumanPoweredVehicles

When using any of the commands listed above, you will also get a total number of vehicles listed at the end.

You can read more about it here.

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