Schneider Electric Is Offering The World’s First Pro Gaming UPS

Play uninterrupted.
Play uninterrupted. Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric has released what it dubs as the first ever uninterruptible power supply designed for gamers. The APC Back-UPS Pro Gaming UPS doesn’t just ensure connection even through power irregularities, but can also protect gaming gear. This latest offering isn’t only built for professional gamers, as recreational gamers can take advantage of it as well.

With this unit, gamers have the necessary backup power to finish a match and even remain connected.

Key features of this new device include:

  • Reactor Circle
    • When the Gaming UPS is on battery backup power, the reactor circle ticks down allowing you to see just how much time is left with just a glance.
  • 160 Degree Slant
    • The reaction has been tilted at a 160-degree angle so that it’s visible from almost every angle.
  • Functional Lighting
    • When a power anomaly is detected, the device makes use of pulsing lights to notify gamers.
      • Power anomalies include, among others, surges, dips, and even wiring faults.
  • Six Battery Back-up Outlets
    • Adding in surge protection, this unit instantly powers sensitive electronics like the PlayStation, Xbox, TVs, PCs, and even routers/modems, in the event of a power loss.
  • Four Additional Surge-Only Outlets
    • This feature protects against unsafe power surges as well as “hard shutdowns,” both of which can permanently damage equipment.
  • Three Easy-Access Front USB Ports
    • Be able to recharge other devices like a gaming headset or a cellphone.
  • Custom Look
    • The Gaming UPS comes in two color options which are Arctic (BGM1500) and Midnight (BGM1500B).
      • It also comes with 12 customizable RGB LED lights in order to match a user’s gaming setup.

In a statement to the press, Schneider Electric Global Product Marketing Christian Enriquez said that gaming gear contains rather highly sensitive electronics and unclean power not only results in game disruption, but can even damage equipment. Enriquez added that “at the end of the day – it’s not if, it’s when.” Take team games for example, in order to win, teamwork is needed. One quality that team members should have is reliability. With this unit, Enriquez went on to say that it “helps you stay in the game and be there for your team when they need you most.”

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