Saints Row Reboot Story Trailer Revealed

Lead the Saints to the top of Santo Ileso’s factions.
A new trailer for the Saints Row reboot has been revealed, with this latest one focusing on the game's story.
A new trailer for the Saints Row reboot has been revealed, with this latest one focusing on the game's story. Deep Silver

Following the gameplay overview trailer that debuted a few days ago, publisher Deep Silver and developer Volition unveiled a new trailer for the upcoming Saints Row reboot, focused on the story. It goes over the player’s character, also called The Boss, as they lead the Saints into a powerful criminal empire in Santo Ileso. Check out the new trailer for the Saints Row reboot below.

As shown in the new footage, The Boss and their closest members Neenah, Eli, and Kevin try to get to the top of the food chain by any means necessary to secure a legacy for the Saints. However, Santo Ileso attracts various criminal elements outside of their group, and before the story begins, there are already three established factions in the city: Los Panteros, The Idols, and Marshall Defense Industries. From the start, the Saints have already opted for an all-out war to try and develop the criminal enterprise against these rival factions.

The new trailer also shows the tremendous damage that The Boss and the Saints will cause to achieve their goals. Whether it be by land, sea, or air, no rival faction is safe from the Saints wrath, thanks to numerous gadgets and vehicles at their disposal. The territory also comes with guns, lots of them, all decked out for all-out warfare. Another great aspect is that you don’t have to enjoy it alone; as with other Saints Row titles, the reboot features co-op, so you and your friends can tear Santo Ileso a new one in your quest to make the Saints the top dog.

The Saints Row reboot also encourages endless creativity in creating your perfect, ideal version of The Boss. Whether a suave-looking bastard who utilizes their charms as a key point, a dirty, rugged wanderer who looks like they’ve seen things, or a wacky, horribly-dressed psychopath who just wants to see the world burn, The Boss’ image is up to you.

Saints Row reboot is releasing on August 23 on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Stadia, and PC via the Epic Games Store.

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