Runbow Developers Announce Dawn Of The Monsters, A Kaiju Co-Op Brawler

Platforms are still unannounced, but I'm already getting Rampage vibes from this one.
13AM Games officially announced their next title, the Kaiju brawler Dawn of the Monsters.
13AM Games officially announced their next title, the Kaiju brawler Dawn of the Monsters. 13AM Games

Developer 13AM Games, the minds behind hit racing game Runbow and anime styled platformer Double Cross, has just announced their upcoming project entitled Dawn of the Monsters.

13AM Games has described Dawn of the Monsters as a couch co-op kaiju brawler that can support up to four players. Gameplay focuses on choosing from an all new cast of kaiju with players tasked to defeat the “Nephilim”, a horde of monsters laying waste to cities and destroying the planet. Four unique worlds are yours (and your friends) to conquer, and once done, you can unlock “The Maw”, an endless onslaught of kaiju brawls. Boasting completely destructible environments and classic-inspired combat mechanics, Dawn of the Monsters is a couch co-op to behold. A couple of screenshots have also been released along with the announcements, revealing the use of 2.5D graphics inspired by the works of Mike Mignola.

13AM Games will show an exclusive trailer for Dawn of the Monsters at the opening ceremony for the kaiju convention G-Fest XXVI, taking place in Chicago on July 12. The trailer is confirmed to feature the first public footage for the action brawler game.

I am so stoked for this game. Early screenshots be damned, this feels like a callback to classic action and destruction series Rampage, which has always been one of my favorite titles - munching on humans, throwing cars at helicopters and body-slamming on top of skyscrapers. Both the co-op and versus modes of Rampage: Total Destruction are some of the most fun I’ve had on the PlayStation 2. If 13AM Games can manage to create something that at least resembles the carnage and mayhem that the Rampage series provided, but instead of mutated humans, its prehistoric dinosaurs, then I’m already sold.

Along with the trailer that everyone should wait for, a panel for Dawn of the Monsters hosted by 13AM Games CEO Alex Rushdy will also be held. Also, a partnership between 13AM Games and toy company Seismic can give lucky attendees a chance to win a soft vinyl figure of the game’s lead kaiju, Megadon. If you’re going to be at G-Fest XXVI, just drop by Seismic’s booth, answer a kaiju-themed survey and you get a chance to win!


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