Rumor: New The Last Of Us 2 Trailer Coming This Week, Release Date To Be Announced Soon

This one lines up with previous rumors relating to release dates and update schedules.
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We could get to see Ellie again as early as within this year.
We could get to see Ellie again as early as within this year. Naughty Dog

A fresh wave of rumors are incoming, and as E3 fast approaches, you can safely say that these won’t be the last. However, if this latest rumor proves to be true, then this might mean big implications for Sony and its absence from E3. Ready your grain of salt.

According to two Spanish websites, not only will we get a new trailer for the much-anticipated The Last of Us 2 this week, we will get to see the release date for it as well. The rumors were collected and dissected on the ResetEra forums, which can be found right here.

The original poster goes on to break down some of the key paragraphs described in both articles. The first one, from the Spanish-localized Game Reactor, states that the production of The Last of Us 2 is considered to be even more important than that of Death Stranding and Hideo Kojima, who is also preparing news on his game for this week as well. In fact, according to the site, Sony is already preparing an upcoming trailer for The Last of Us 2, which will also state the exact date of both Joel and Ellie's next adventure on the PlayStation 4 sometime this fall.

Looking at this one, I have my doubts, but after seeing more and more rumors pop up in the past few weeks, I’m a bit inclined to believe it. Back during the start of May, an insider revealed that an official update for The Last of Us 2 will drop before E3, and this could be the one that pertains to the upcoming trailer. Likewise, the retailer that reportedly leaked the game’s release date also lines up with the ResetEra rumor; this leak gave it a date of September 28, which is of course a week into the fall season.

The other article, from Legion De Jugadores, states basically the same thing, except its release date is a much more conservative take, with launch for The Last of Us 2 expected at the end of the year. One site reporting a rumor is one thing, but two sites with different sources? Something definitely adds up.

If these rumors turn out to be true, then we can fully expect Sony to pull off a big one and steal some thunder away from the main gaming show set to debut next June – E3. The publisher is notably absent from the event this year, and has mostly released its updates via its State of Play show, which has been a miss and a hit for its first two iterations.

Expect us to do more coverage once the actual information drops.

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