The Rumble Fish 2: Pre-order for Physical Collector's Edition Now Available

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Good news for those waiting for The Rumble Fish 2. You can now pre-order the physical version of the Collector’s Edition, offered at $69.99 on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4. The Collector’s Edition is arriving in the US and Europe in the second quarter of 2023.

The Collector’s Edition includes:

  • A physical copy of The Rumble Fish 2.
  • Download codes for three DLC characters.
  • The Rumble Fish 1 game.
  • Collector's Edition Box.
  • Soundtrack.
  • Artbook.
  • Strategy Guide and Command List.

In a statement, 3goo President Nicolas Di Costanzo revealed that the team at Dimps are composed of the same developers that originally created the Street Fighter and Fatal Fury series. These are also the same developers that worked on iconic fighting games including Street Fighter IV and several versions of the Dragon Ball series. He added that The Rumble Fish 2 is an iconic game and they're happy to bring it to consoles.

Here are additional details of what the Collector's Edition offers:

  • The Rumble Fish Original Arcade Edition
    • The Rumble Fish Original Arcade version of the game
      • A faithful porting of the very first Atomiswave version of The Rumble Fish series.
      • This is only available in the Collector’s Edition.
    • Artbook
      • A precious mockup provided by Dimps to show the behind-the-scenes of The Rumble Fish 1 introduction of all characters. There's also an exclusive interview from designer YukinariZ.
    • Special Soundtrack
      • 36 tracks from The Rumble Fish Original Arcade Edition including all stage BGMs and voices.
  • The Rumble Fish 2
    • The Rumble Fish 2 game
    • Outerbox
      • A newly designed box by an original artist of Dimps.
    • Strategy Guidebook
      • Tactical advice from The Rumble Fish 2 about new characters (Lud, Sheryl, Mito, and Bazoo) to improve your PvP skills.
    • Command List
      • A classic arcade style card for players to read anytime while playing.
    • DLC Characters
      • Three boss characters are also included with the Collector’s Edition of the game.

You can learn more about the offer below:

The Rumble Fish 2 was developed for the Atomiswave arcade platform that made its official debut in 2005. The game has long delighted a lot of players with its flashy and technical gameplay. One of the game’s cool features was the innovative “Smooth Model Animation” system, which allowed for 2D sprite animation on a per-limb basis.

The Rumble Fish 2 is set to be launched worldwide digitally on December 8, 2022 on PC through Steam, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Nintendo Switch.

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