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The single-player shooter Rollerdrome is now available on PC through Steam, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5. This newest game comes from Roll7, the same studio that created OlliOlli World. It combines arena combat, fluid movement, and technical tricks, to create what’s known as the “flow-state mayhem.”

The game is set in 2030, a world that has managed to keep the public distracted through the violence and brutal new arena sport called Rollerdrome . Here, participants are chosen to compete against House Players in a series of gauntlets. To survive, they need to finish various challenges while making sure they’re not eliminated.

You take on the role of one Kara Hassan, a newbie to the world of the Rollerdrome tournament. As the mysteries of a corrupt tech giant unfold behind the scenes, you need to stay focused on your goal, which is to climb the ranks and hope to be the next champion.

Rollerdrome introduces players to a unique retro-futuristic universe that comes with that distinct comic-book-inspired art style. The soundtrack, meanwhile, is from Electric Dragon merging iconic 1970s sounds with contemporary driving beats, creating a heart-thumping backdrop to the carnage.

In a statement, Roll7 Creative Director Paul Rabbitte shared that the game honors the extreme action sports games but uses the ‘70s lens of a classic third-person shooter. The pace of the game is fast which is sure to get the hearts of the players pumping. He added that he’s excited to see players showing their skating and combat combos.

Meanwhile, Take-Two Interactive Chief Strategy Officer Michael Worosz revealed that Roll7 has again delivered an experience that is intense and bold while at the same time feels refreshing. He went on to say that they have long had admiration when it comes to the constant readiness of Roll7 to break new ground. Rollerdrome is a good example that the experimentation done by Roll7 has indeed led to exceptional results.

Rollerdrome is available for digital download on PC and PlayStation consoles for $29.99. The game can also be purchased at an introductory price of $19.79 on Steam and PlayStation by PlayStation Plus members of any tier. PlayStation Plus Premium members can try the game through a free trial before buying.

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