Rogue Shift: Final Stand Mode Tweaks and Chapter 3 Fixes in Update v0.2023.001

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Rogue Shift, the top-down roguelite shooter developed by Far-Flung Games, got a new patch that made a fundamental change to one of its game modes. It also implemented fixes and improvements for Chapter 3.

For those who don’t know, Final Stand in Rogue Shift is a game mode where players must survive increasing waves of enemies in a single zone. On the other hand, Survival Mode works similarly to Final Stand, except that players engage in an eight-zone map called Edge of Doom.

In Update v0.2023.001, these two game modes have been unified under Final Stand Mode. This means that players can now choose between the two original single-zone maps and the eight-zone Edge of Doom map.

Aside from that, this patch implements improvements and bug fixes on Chapter 3. The lighting has been improved to address the issue where the colors look washed out for some players. Additionally, the main objective path indicator has been fixed, so players are now likely pointed in the right direction.

Patch Notes

  • A new map for Final Stand mode: Research Facility.
  • The Psionic Diversity achievement will now correctly unlock when you unlock all Psionics on your character.
  • Suit Cooler can now be purchased in gameplay modes other than Story.
  • All maps now have hover descriptions telling you a little bit more about the map.
  • Changed the achievement image for Brutal Boss.
  • Changed some achievement descriptions slightly.
  • Improved lighting conditions so that everything doesn't appear so "washed out."
  • Terminals now have bright and consistent UIs independent of the visual post-processing applied to the world.
  • The 2nd-last battle before the boss fight now has twice as many enemies (total number).
  • Final boss projectiles are now a bit faster.
  • Disallow final cutscene to kick off if the player is dead or respawning.
  • Snow dust particles and wind audio effects have been added to the ice world. Their intensity scales based on local temperature.
  • Incorrect main objective path indicator has been fixed.
  • Secret area entrance near crates has been enlarged.
  • Fixed a battle zone where the ice worms could escape and then be killed due to out-of-bounds detection.
  • Replaced the problematic laser gate with a wall.
  • Improved the muzzle flash effect of the final boss weapons.

Rogue Shift Update v0.2023.001 is available on PC.

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