Rogue: Genesia Welcomes Multiple Playable Characters with New Avatar System in Update 0.8

Rogue: Genesia
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Rogue: Genesia is a 2D action roguelite where you play as Rog - a weapons master that has to fight against endless hordes of enemies. In this game, you have full control over what Rog will do during the course of his journey. Rogue: Genesia offers more than 60 passive upgrades and 16 weapons to choose from, with many unique and powerful artifacts to collect that will greatly impact your experience.

Just recently, the game got a major patch that introduced a lot of new features; chief among them is the new Avatar System. The new Avatar System in Update 0.8 is sort of a class system in other games where Rog transforms into a specific avatar, each with its own gimmicks and stats.

Avatar System
Avatar System Steam

The Rogue, for example, is an avatar primarily built for speed. This avatar has low durability and raw damage compared to others, but its increased speed and higher critical strike chance ensure that enemies will still be dispatched quickly.

Update 0.8 also brought the Talent System to Rogue: Genesia. With this system, you can now equip powerful active and multiple passive talents before you start your runs.

Talent System
Talent System Steam

Patch Notes

  • D-Rank Survivors Mode
    • Survivors mode also has a D-rank world, you'll be plunged into the darkness of the caves, so be careful of your surroundings
    • Also Survivors Challenges
  • Event Rework
    • Events got a total rework, Question-marks can now give you some situations with multiple choices.
  • Defense Piercing Rework
    • Many enemies got buffed with armor,
    • Defense Piercing also now permanently reduces enemy defense by 10% of its value.
  • Explosive Vial: Throw Vials full of explosive substances in the aimed direction
  • Thunder Vial: Evolution of Explosive Vial and Thunder Staff
  • Staff of Storms: Evolution of Thunder Staff and Thunder Spirit
  • Jaäld's Amulet: Evolution of Death Aura and Fire Ring
Attack Modifier
  • Thunder Spirit: Chance to create an Arc Lighting from your weapons which hit nearby enemies
  • Rust: Increases Defense Piercing
  • Reactive trigger: Procs an attack from your weapons on taking damage
  • Portal Shard: Projectiles loop back to the other side of the screen
  • Broken Statuette: Triple Soul-Coin gain, but you gain corruption for each stage you had previously passed, you also take +50% damage
  • Game History: You can now see previous runs you have done in a listed history
  • Card Details: You can now click on a card in the card list to display advanced details about the card (there is also a bind to display details of a card when in card selection)
  • Camera Lock Option: Option to lock camera on your character
  • Card Tag: Cards now have small icon to indicate which tag they belong to
  • Auto Level-up option: You can now choose if the level-up is automatic or manual (so you can choose your cards when you want) (defaults to enabled)
  • Auto-Aim improvement: Now automatically targets the closest enemy (instead of the direction you are moving)
  • Mouse Control - Option to control the character with the mouse, it also automatically activates auto-aim

Rogue: Genesia Update 0.8 is available on PC.

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