Rogue Company Rogues Rising Update is Live

New Map
New Map First Watch Games

Rogue Company recently received an update that added a new map, game improvements, and bug fixes.

New Map

This update brings a new map called Vertigo, located in Northwest Asia. The map’s theme revolves around a heavy artillery platform called Capacitor Pulse Array, built around a cliff face with multiple pitfalls. So, beware of your surroundings because the enemies are not the only things you have to keep an eye out for.

The map is bigger compared to others in terms of size but has lots of connecting areas, which should make it fast-paced and fun for game modes like Skirmish Dodgeball and Skirmish Team Deathmatch.

MVP Lineup

The developers added a post-match MVP lineup screen that displays the top three players of the match. It always feels amazing carrying the team, and being crowned as the MVP in the post-game lobby. Hopefully, this encourages more players to step up and complete more objectives to get a shot at being MVP.

Rogue Company Rogues Rising Update

  • Cleaned up some debug text visible for our Major Danger mythic skin.
  • Fixed an issue where players lost an excessive number of ranked points from a loss.
  • Fixed an issue where the Evade perk would kick on permanently if it triggered while in the down state.
  • Fixed some cases where music either overlapped or didn’t play at all.
  • Fixed an issue where the in-game shop was inaccessible if you swapped your primary multiple times in the shop UI.
  • Fixed an issue where the gadget icon would pop up in the HUD after throwing it.
  • Fixed an issue where the Sledgehammer would grow in size.
  • Fixed a collision issue in Wanted where players could get stuck.
  • Fixed an issue where the player’s second gadget slot would not be visible in the HUD after unlocking it.
  • Fixed the Top Bar UI in the players’ HUD where it wasn’t updating round wins for our Wingman game modes.
  • Improved Gl1tch’s Hack to be more consistent.
  • Fixed an issue where players would get the same contract after rerolling.
  • Fixed an issue where downed players could crawl away further than intended while being revived.
  • Fixed some scoreboard issues for Battle Zone.
  • Fixed an unintended spot in Palace.
  • Fixed a boundary issue in Breach.
  • Fixed a collision gap in Skyfell.
  • Fixed an animation issue while using a zipline with the Demolition bomb.

You can read more about the update here.

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