Rogue Company Operation Daybreak Update Introduces a New Rogue

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Rogue Company Operation Daybreak update brings a new rogue to the roster. Meet Juke, a brilliant scientist and engineer, who created the world’s first true Artificial Intelligence. She joined the Rogue Company in search of answers after all her work was destroyed.

Juke, being a brilliant mind, offers tons of new technology focused on maneuverability to help defend the map. She comes with a Laser Defense Drone, Juke Boots, Weapons, and new gadgets.

Ability: Laser Defense Drone

Juke can deploy Laser Defense Drones that will seek enemies within range and sight. Once the drone locks on a target, it will fire an advanced laser that deals tick damage over time, which is a great way to get enemies low before fighting. The drones must be placed smartly because the enemies can easily destroy them or just get out of their range.

Passive: Juke Boots

Juke’s passive, Juke Boots, is basically a modifier added to the dodge roll. The Juke Boots allow her to move quickly like dodge rolls but with a lower cooldown. Once her Juke Boots are on cooldown, she can only perform normal dodge rolls until her boots have been recharged.

The highlight of her passive boots is that she can use her boots mid-air to dodge and position herself to make those sweet plays.


Juke’s packing some massive firepower with her primary loadout, the new Ibex Burst SMG, letting her burst enemies without worrying for headshots. She can also use the Conviction LMG, great for medium-long distance fights. Her secondary weapon is a Warrant Pistol that has 15 rounds in one magazine. She also carries a Combat Knife as her melee weapon.

Reflector Gadget

One of Juke’s own creations, the Reflector, can blast enemies off. Juke can also use this gadget to knock off enemies hiding behind cover. She can use this gadget every time she respawns into the game, which is kind of overpowered as the gadget also reduces the enemies shooting accuracy.

You can read more about the update here.

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