Rogue Company Covert Ops Update: New Battle Pass and New Perks

Rogue Company
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The Covert Ops update for Rogue Company is live, and it adds new cosmetics, ranked season, and perks. This update also brings a new battle pass that has rewards spread across 50 levels. You can get battle pass XP by playing matches regularly. Each match grants XP for the pass.

Want to get levels quickly? Try the two bundles for the battle pass. The base bundle costs 1,000 Rogue Bucks and the elite bundle costs 2,000 Rogue Bucks. The only difference is that the elite bundle gives additional 15 levels of progress for the battle pass, which makes it faster to complete it.


All perks now have a Rare, Epic, and Legendary version that comes with different benefits. Obviously, the better versions of the perks will be more expensive. So, only purchase the ones you actually need. Besides that, the developers also added new perks such as Energize, Gunsmith, and Volatile.

The Energize perk reduces the cooldown of abilities, while the Gunsmith perk grants better magazine size and increases falloff ranges. The Volatile perk increases the damage dealt over time.

Rogue Company Covert Ops Update

Fixed Issues
  • Fixed an issue where weapon SFX gets suppressed in some locations around maps.
  • Fixed an issue where accolades will no longer appear after a player earns 21 of them.
  • Fixed an issue where volume fails to update via the slider.
  • Fixed an issue where Talon and his teammates would be revealed when an enemy player destroys his dart.
  • Fixed an Out of Bounds exploit in Canals.
  • Fixed collision problems that were causing gameplay issues in a variety of maps.
  • Fixed a pathing exploit in Highcastle.
  • Fixed an issue where Gl1tch’s hack did not destroy trench wire.
  • Fixed an issue for hacked players UI not accurately showing that their ability was also hacked.
  • Fixed an issue for Gl1tch where the hacking progress bar was not visible on the pad.
  • Fixed an issue where dodge rolling off a ledge could cause a player to be unable to jump.
  • Fixed a UI issue where gadget slots would be missing.
  • Fixed issues where players were unable to open or buy items in the shop.
  • Fixed an upline in Favelas that players were not able to successfully traverse.
  • Fixed many instances across a variety of maps where a player’s shadow was seen through collision.
  • Fixed some animation weirdness that can occur with the P12K secondary and the Nimble Hands perk.
  • Fixed an exploit involving the Armor perk.
  • Fixed an issue where some props did not have collision for thrown deployables.
  • Fixed the ability VFX glow on the Daywalker and One Shot One Kill Fixer outfits.

You can read more about the update here.

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