‘Rodeo Stampede’ By Crossy Road Publisher Lassos Up A Fun Twist On Endless Runner Games

rodeo stampede mobile game crossy road endless runner ios android release download
Crossy Road publishers have released a new endless runner called Rodeo Stampede. Find out what it's all about and where to download it. Yodo 1


HiHo Cowboy! The makers of Crossy Road have released a new mobile game for iOS and Android called Rodeo Stampede that takes the endless runner dynamic of Crossy Road and blends it with a fun city-building element.

In Rodeo Stampede , players assume the persona of a tiny rodeo cowboy in Africa’s Saharan desert, riding his trusty steer. But not for long! As the player rides through the desert he or she will encounter other exotic wild animals to lasso and catch a ride on, all the while avoiding tumbleweeds, boulders or running into the backside of other wild beasts.

rodeo stampede mobile game crossy road endless runner ios android release download
- Stampede Rodeo Photo: Yodo 1

If you manage to stay seated on an animal for an extended period of time, you end up befriending and taming the new animal, which is then added to your virtual zoo in the sky. People visit your zoo and pay to see the many exotic animals you’ve collected. With the coins you earn, you can upgrade the habitats of your animals and add new features to your zoo.

rodeo stampede mobile game crossy road endless runner ios android release download
The virtual Zoo in the sky is where your tamed animals go to stay once you've captured them. Photo: Yodo 1

The gameplay is simple enough to learn but challenging enough to keep players engaged long term as they hunt for more exotic creatures to add to their arsenal. The game includes some of the same humorous features we love in Crossy Road , such as the epic way a character goes to pieces when an animal bucks him off, smashing him into a canyon wall or onto the hard packed dirt floor.

Since its inception, Crossy Road has been a mobile hit, with over 50 million downloads and 10 million in revenue within its first 90 days on the Google Play and Apple app store. The developers, of course, hope for the same level of success for Rodeo Stampede.

“The secret [to a successful game] is having an awesome and loyal fanbase and then providing them enough enjoyable new content in updates to continue to drive interest,” said Matthew Leopold of Yodo1, mobile game publisher that released both Crossy Road and Rodeo Stampede.  

“While fundamentally different from Crossy Road, Rodeo Stampede boasts similar strengths such as broad demographic appeal, fresh art style, and most important fun gameplay,” Leopold told iDigitalTimes.  “What sets Rodeo Stampede aside, however, is the seamless blending of fast-paced action gameplay with an addictive zoo management and animal collection meta-game. These elements should greatly increase the long term replayability of the game.”

While the game launched Wednesday, June 22 with the African Sahara region, players can look forward to “new wintery climates” and a “wide assortment of unique animals,” over the next few months, Stampede Rodeo developers told iDigitalTimes. Those are only the beginning of a long line of exciting updates planned for the game in the months following its release.

Rodeo Stampede is now live on both the Google Play and Apple App store for free. Download it and give it a try today.

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