Rocket League Update V2.01 Readies the Game for Season 4

See what the new season has to offer.
See what the new season has to offer. Psyonix

Rocket League Update 2.01 is here. Don’t confuse it with the Season 4 update, which will be released today. This patch was released yesterday, and it prepares the game for the next season. The update adds streamer-safe music functionality. Turn this feature on and stop worrying about those pesky DMCA violations.

From now on, you will receive penalties if you leave a Casual Playlist match early. The penalty will increase as you leave more often. The game will not tell you how many players are online anymore. The population will be displayed for each playlist. The displayed messages will be “Amazing,” “Great,” and “Good.”


  • Streamer Safe Music can be found under Settings > Audio
    • Once enabled, Rocket League will remove or replace any tracks that may lead to a DMCA violation
    • The Streamer Safe setting works in conjunction with your chosen settings for Player Anthems, playing the soundtrack in-game, and playing the soundtrack during matches
  • To improve the average match quality in Casual playlists, we are introducing penalties for players who quit Casual games early.
    • There are seven ban levels for Casual Playlists:
      • First - 0 Minutes
      • Second - 5 Minutes
      • Third - 10 Minutes
      • Fourth - 20 Minutes
      • Fifth - 40 Minutes
      • Sixth - 1 hour
      • Seventh or more - 2 hours
    • Once you progress beyond the first level, there is a 12-hour cooldown before the ban level de-escalates by one level.
    • You can now “Vote to Concede” a Casual Match once enough time has passed, similar to Competitive play if your team wants to leave or simply proceed to the next match.
  • New messaging will inform you if your account is close to a permanent ban
    • Similar to current ban messaging, and Report Feedback, this message will appear as a pop-up once Rocket League started
    • Due to the number of bans issued on this account, the next ban from Psyonix may be permanent. Please do not use harassing or toxic language in future matches. For more information, please go to
    • Previous chat and game bans on your account are taken into consideration before this message is delivered

The complete patch notes are available on the official site.

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