Rocket League Update: Rocket Pass 3 Revealed

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Rocket League's Rocket Pass 3 starts next week
Rocket League's Rocket Pass 3 starts next week Psyonix

Rocket League introduced a subscription-style approach recently, and developer Psyonix has just released the contents of Rocket Pass 3, the latest version of the subscription. This means there’s a ton of new free and premium content coming for players to unlock.

The biggest change with Rocket Pass 3 is the addition of Weekly Challenges. These are a group of challenges players can complete to earn “tier points.” The harder the challenge, the more tier points players earn. There are also weekly Premium challenges that can only be completed if you purchase Rocket Pass Premium. All challenges reset each Wednesday at 1 p.m. EDT, so make sure you complete them before the week comes to an end.

Examples given for challenges include using specific phrases in quick chat during matches or making a specific number of goals during games. Premium challenges seem to be a little more difficult, and some require players to use certain items.

Player progress has also been altered. Players need to complete tiers to earn items, and completing a tier requires 10 tier points. Weekly challenges payout in tier points, and players can earn more through XP at the end of every match. Players also gain 10 tier points every time they level up.

If you upgrade to Rocket Pass Premium later in the season, you will earn all the rewards for completing Premium challenges (assuming you did complete them when they were active). If you don’t complete the challenges (regular or Premium) during their time frame, you don’t get the tier point rewards.

As for the new items players can expect to earn, Psyonix didn’t give out many specifics. We do know there are more than 20 items all players can earn on the free track, and more than 50 additional items on the Premium track. It has been confirmed that a new Battle-Car is included in the Rocket Pass 3 Premium track.

Pro tiers also make a return in Rocket Pass 3. Pro tiers kick in once a player has hit tier 70, and these rewards include Painted, Certified and Special Edition items.

Rocket League Rocket Pass 3 begins on April 17 and runs until July 29.

So what do you think? Are you excited to start earning new items in Rocket Pass 3? Will you upgrade to Premium this time around, or stick to the freebies? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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