Rocket League Is Replacing Paid Crates With Blueprints

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No more crates.
No more crates. Psyonix

Loot crates and microtransactions have started to catch the attention of government regulators around the world. Different games have started to find ways to answer this concern. Rocket League appears to be trying something new. Back in August, developer Psyonix said that they were removing paid and randomized crates by the end of the year. However Rocket League looks to have abandoned that plan and instead is replacing them with the Blueprints system.

In a blog post, Rocket League developers said they are going to release an update in December that introduces the Blueprints system. What happens is that after each match, players get a chance to get a Blueprint, which is a new type of drop that replaces Crates. The Blueprint shows players the item that they can create from it for a price. Once the Blueprints are in the players' inventory, they can then choose to pay to create the item and receive it immediately. Otherwise players can choose to leave it in their inventory and create the item later.

Once the Blueprint system goes live, Keys are going to be automatically converted to Credits the first time players log into the game. In addition, each remaining Crate is going to be converted to a Blueprint of the same series.

However, before Blueprints go live, the Vindicator Crate will arrive to Rocket League on October 3. This is going to be the final Crate and features the new Sentinel Battle-Car and Neuro-Agitator Goal Explosion.

Psyonix went on to say that it's not just Blueprints. In the same December update a rotating Item Shop is going to be introduced to Rocket League. This Item Shop is expected to offer a wide range of content like new items and even legacy Crate content that players may have missed out on. It also serves as a place where items like Titanium White Dominus can make their debut.

Items from Blueprints, as well as the Item Shop, can be obtained with Credits. Credits are going to be the new premium currency that replaces Keys. Credits can be used for several things like creating items from Blueprints, upgrading to Rocket Pass Premium, and buying content from the Item Shop. It is important to note though that Esports Tokens are separate from Credits and are the only way to buy items from the Esports Shop.

Rocket League revealed that additional details related to the Blueprint system and Item Shop will be shared in the coming months.

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