'Rocket League' Gets Custom Training Scenarios; Additional Features On The Way

Rocket League - Training
Rocket League Photo: Psyonix

The next update for Rocket League is going to be an exciting event for thousands (maybe even millions) of community members; particularly those hoping to drastically improve their average performance and/or make the transition to a competitive Rocket League team. More than a year after launch, the fastest soccer game on the planet is getting custom training scenarios !

Admittedly, this is the first time we’ve heard about anything along these lines for Rocket League . But it turns out the community has been cobbling together a similar solution to the base game’s lack of official training modulators for several months. Rather than force players to continue installing third-party software, Psyonix plans to introduce custom training scenarios that can be designed and shared by the Rocket League community. Players will be able to choose from any of the game’s existing maps, design a training sequence for Strikers or Goalies and set a difficulty rating. Community members will also be able to name and tag their creations, to make discovery easier. You’ll also be able to bookmark your favorite Rocket League training modules.

This isn’t all that Psyonix has planned for the Rocket League community, either. According to the studio’s blog post, the new training feature will eventually be expanded to include “more sequence options”, including additional categories, modifiers (like starting the scenario at a specific speed) and an improved browser. Psyonix also plans to implement a user rating system, along with a means of searching/organizing training scenarios by rating, at some point in the future.

Rocket League is currently available on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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