Rocket League Introduces the New Auriga Series

Something special for everyone.
Something special for everyone. Psyonix

Season 3 of Rocket League is almost over, but that doesn’t mean that nothing new is coming. A new Item Series has been released and this is the Auriga Series, which appears as Blueprints.

Leading the Auriga Series is none other than the Dingo. The best way to describe this car is it’s an enforcer that comes with classic stylings along with an Octane hitbox. It comes with four Decals and the Series adds extra Decals specific to it.

The Auriga Series features at least a dozen new items. These include the Glitch and Astro-CSX Wheels, both of which have Special Edition versions. It also offers two new Black Market items: the Encryption Decal and the Inamorata Goal Explosion.

There are two ways to get the items in this Series. The first is to grab them at the Item Shop and the second as a Blueprint.

How Blueprints Work

For those who may have forgotten, here’s a quick recap on how Blueprints work:

  • Players can receive a Blueprint for an item after playing some Online Matches.
  • Blueprints show players exactly what item they can build.
  • Look out for Blueprints that unlock Painted or Special Edition item variants.
  • Blueprints, and the items players get from them, are tradable to other players on the same platform.

An Iconic Car

Last week, Rocket League players were treated to something special with the introduction of an iconic car. It was none other than the 1963 Aston Martin DB5 from James Bond. In fact, it even has the signature Silver Birch Paint Finish to make it look similar to the original color of the Aston Martin. This can also have the one-of-a-kind Engine Audio, 007's Aston Martin DB5 Wheels, and Reel Life Decal.

In addition, this one has been modified by Q to be the perfect vehicle for Soccar. It has been outfitted with a rocket boost along with an Octane hitbox. This is available at the Item Shop for 1,100 Credits.

Season 3 is Ending Soon

Season 3 is ending on August 11. That may be a week away, but Rocket League has already revealed what rewards players can expect. For example, players who end the season as Grand Champion and Supersonic Legend Rank get these Title Rewards:

  • Grand Champion
    • Competitive Grand Champion: "S3 GRAND CHAMPION" in Crimson text.
    • Rumble Grand Champion: "S3 RNG CHAMP" in Crimson text.
    • Hoops Grand Champion: "S3 DUNK MASTER" in Crimson text.
    • Snow Day Grand Champion: "S3 BLIZZARD WIZARD" in Crimson text.
    • Dropshot Grand Champion: "S3 FLOOR DESTROYER" in Crimson text.
  • Supersonic Legend
    • Competitive Supersonic Legend: "S3 SUPERSONIC LEGEND" in Titanium White text.
    • Rumble Supersonic Legend: "S3 RNGENIUS" in Titanium White text.
    • Hoops Supersonic Legend: "S3 LEGENDARY BALLER" in Titanium White text.
    • Snow Day Supersonic Legend: "S3 ICE TITAN" in Titanium White text.
    • Dropshot Supersonic Legend: "S3 TILE ANNIHILATOR" in Titanium White text.

Read more about the rewards for Season 3 here.

Rocket League has been released on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. It's also available on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 5.

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