Ring Of Honor's Shane Taylor Loves Black Ops 4's Blackout Mode

Shane Taylor looks to make history at this weekend's ROH 17th Anniversary pay-per-view event Ring of Honor

Ring of Honor’s Shane Taylor loves video games, and can rattle off about a dozen current titles that he’s playing right now. While Taylor enjoys relaxing with friends and playing games, he’s still driven and focused on achieving great things at Ring of Honor’s 17th Anniversary pay-per-view event this weekend.

“My goals are very simple, I want everything in Ring of Honor,” Taylor told Player.One. “Right now, the only guy who is close to that is Matt Taven. He’s only a World Championship away from our Grand Slam. I want to leave a legacy like that in Ring of Honor.”

Taylor has a shot at the ROH World Television Championship at this weekend’s 17th Anniversary show in Las Vegas. The only person standing in his way is current champion Jeff Cobb. Taylor says he’s ready, and that he has prepared for this fight with years and years of experience. “I’ve faced some of the best Ring of Honor has to offer, and I’ve learned a great deal from each fight,” he said. “Taking that going forward, those lessons will shape my game plan. Right now, all my attention is on the World Television Championship. It’s been a goal of mine since I started watching Ring of Honor.”

Taylor looks to carry the ROH Television Championship into the G1 Supercard show at Madison Square Garden Photo: RING OF HONOR/Roy Harper

While anyone would feel proud and accomplished to be crowned a champion in Ring of Honor, the Television Championship holds a special place for Taylor. “For guys like me growing up watching wrestling, it was always very important to see people that I can relate to, and see them succeed,” he said. “To this day, the only two African-American men to win that championship are Kenny King and Jay Lethal. I want my chance to make more history and continue to help shatter the glass ceiling of professional wrestling and continue to be an example for all those people who want to achieve greatness and make history as well.”

Taylor has a huge opportunity at this weekend’s pay-per-view, but looming just ahead in early April is the G1 Supercard, a historic Ring of Honor/New Japan Pro Wrestling show at the sold-out Madison Square Garden. The pressure to perform is mounting in the ROH locker room, and Taylor has been working to get himself in the best shape possible for a potential slot on the card.

“Now that the opportunity is a few short weeks away, it’s absolutely incredible to see guys and ladies step their games up to get ready for [the G1 Supercard],” said Taylor. “For me, the training has never been harder. It’s been amazing to see the type of environment we have and how we’re gearing up for it is incredible.”

Taylor isn’t exclusively training, as he is also an avid gamer. The wrestler likes to bounce between different sports games, but also has become hooked on Call of Duty Black Ops 4’s take on the battle royale genre. “I’ve been watching to see what Blackout experts do and try to replicate that,” he said. “I’m a super competitive guy, so wanting to be the best at everything I do comes naturally. I love games, I love hanging with my friends and talking trash and competing. It’s no different than wrestling, just on a different platform.”

Taylor loves to relax on his off days with a round or three of Blackout Mode in Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Photo: RING OF HONOR/Roy Harper

But what does Taylor play on the road? Surprisingly, not much. “Gaming is reserved for the off days,” he said. “I’ll probably end up getting a portable gaming case very shortly if I do another multi-week tour somewhere. Not having my games for weeks on end is no fun.”

Taylor is also a father, with a young daughter and a newborn baby at home. While he mostly plays board games with his family, Taylor is looking forward to when is daughter is a little older and more interested in playing video games herself. I’ll teach her how to play Madden so she can beat all her friends,” he said.

Shane Taylor challenges Jeff Cobb for the ROH World Television Title this Friday, March 15th at ROH 17th Anniversary. The event airs live from Las Vegas at 9 p.m. EDT on pay-per-view and is free for HonorClub VIP members. Visit ROHHonorClub.com to sign up and enjoy every ROH event live!

ROH and New Japan Pro-Wrestling present G1 Supercard, live on Saturday April 6th from the sold-out Madison Square Garden. The event airs live at 7:30 EDT on pay-per-view and is free for all HonorClub members! HonorClub content can be streamed through the ROH and FITE TV apps.

So what do you think? Are you excited to see Taylor face off against Jeff Cobb for the ROH Television Championship? What matches would you like to see announced for the G1 Supercard? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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