RimWorld Update 1.1.2654 Is Now Available, Complete Patch Notes Here


RimWorld is almost four years old, and even today it is getting post-launch support. The developers at Ludeon Studios recently released a patch, titled Update 1.1.2654, that focuses heavily on the previously released DLC, Royalty. However, some aspects of the main game were also touched.

The update has reworked the destruction of smaller buildings. From now on, smaller buildings will generate steel on destruction rather than giant slugs. Every Empire pawn will be at least named as Freeholder, and you can also create player-created names. A toggle for anima tress has also been made available.

The updates make tons of changes, and you can read all about them below and on the official site.

RimWorld Update 1.1.2654 Patch Notes


  • You can now configure a desired psyfocus level on your psycasters and they will meditate enough to maintain it, without needing to use the schedule.
  • Reworked how destroyed buildings generate slag so small buildings don't generate giant slag blooms; they'll leave steel behind instead.
  • Implemented toggle for anima trees that toggles whether building ghosts are showing connections to meditation foci or not.
  • All Empire pawns have at least the title of Freeholder.
  • Player-created names update.

Training and feedback

  • Implemented warning message for pawns with psychically dull or deaf traits when becoming a royal or trying to gain a psylink by anima tree.
  • Rename difficulty: "The price of survival is blood" to "Blood and dust".
  • Rename esquire to acolyte. Adjust some title descriptions.
  • Added warning message when designating an anima tree for cutting.
  • Clarify undignified thronerooms reason text.
  • Anima tree now sends a letter when enough anima grass is available for linking.
  • We now prompt the user to confirm using a psytrainer if the pawn's psylink level is too low to use the psycast.
  • Add "Meditation desired psyfocus" learning helper lesson.
  • Add "Meditation schedule" learning helper lesson.
  • Show base and max value for MeditationFocusStrength stats with offsets.
  • Improved organization of drug stats listing.
  • Various text adjustments.


  • Increase rewards per points for quests game-wide.
  • Reduce the threat points for fights generated off the home map, and increase bandit camp quest rewards.
  • Double the rate of nuzzling by animals to buff mood-oriented pets.
  • Extend the thought for when you buried someone in a sarcophagus.
  • Reduce monument sizes about 15%.
  • Reduce psyfocus decay rates 0.5% at each level.
  • Increase psyfocus gain of wall from 11 to 22.
  • Increase psyfocus gain range of grave from 4~20 to 6~26.
  • Increase psyfocus gain range of sarcophagus from 8~24 to 10~30.
  • Increase psyfocus gain of animus stone from 25 to 34.
  • Increase psyfocus gain of sculptures by 2, up to a max of 28 at legendary quality.
  • Increase psyfocus gain of small nature shrine from 15 to 22.
  • Increase psyfocus gain of large nature shrine from 22 to 30.
  • Remove psylink neuroformer from traders (but most still buy it).
  • Reduce nature shrine build times by 40%.
  • Reduced yayo new addiction chance from 10% to 1%, and removed the min tolerance to addict.
  • Reduce flake new addition chance from 20% to 5%. Reduce flake tolerance gain from 4.5% to 4% (matches yayo).
  • Increase toxic fallout earliestDay from 20 to 60. Reduce base chance from 0.14 to 0.12. Increase volcanic winter earliest day from 30 to 60.
  • Reduce anima tree regrowth check cycle from 40 days to 30 days.
  • Ship chunks now leave a component if killed, even if not deconstructed.
  • Reduce blood rot severity per day gain from 60% to 40%.
  • Reduce chance for diseases in caravans by 4x.
  • Min market value for neuroformer quest rewards reduced from 720 to 600. Neuroformer market value increased from 1200 to 2600.
  • Reduced the selection weight of hostile factions as quest askers to 15%.
  • Disabled paralysis in hospitality quests.
  • Anima grass glows less brightly.
  • Various internal tunings in quests.


  • Moved Abasia and BloodRot to Royalty XML files.
  • Rename CompWarnInBuildingRadius -> ToggleDrawAffectedMeditationFoci.


  • Fix: Psyfocus meditation effect shown for psychically deaf pawns.
  • Fix: Wake-up meditation focus gain is overtuned, should be 20% not 40%. Also it needs to be expressed in the right format of % per day.
  • Fix: Lodgers with blood rot and abasia spawn with equipment that immediately gets dropped.
  • Fix: Tree sowing research project lists anima tree as hyperlink.
  • Fix: Incorrect pluralisation in goodwill letter text and removed reference to asker in success/failure letter to match quest text.
  • Fix: Item stash quest uses asker's short name instead of full name.
  • Fix: Typo in deserter quest description.
  • Fix: Unstable power cell can be rotated.
  • Fix: Accidentally referencing MeditationFocusStrength directly in StatWorker_PossibleCompOffsets.
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