Enjoy the Extreme with Riders Republic Soundtrack

Enjoy some music while waiting.
Enjoy some music while waiting. Ubisoft

Riders Republic is all set to arrive on multiple platforms this October 28. It means that players need to wait a few more days before they can showcase their skills. While waiting, everyone can enjoy the music of the game with two albums already available.

The first one is the Riders Republic (Original Game Soundtrack) which features the game’s main score and comes with 13 tracks like the main theme “Welcome to the Republic.” The music in the album has been composed by Justin Boreta, Edward Ma, and Josh Mayer. The three have actually been working together way back in 2006 and are known for their work as members of The Glitch Mob.

The second album is Riders Republic (Additional Game Music) which adds seven tracks like the game’s menu and stunt course music. There are also songs dedicated to the four American National Parks featured in the game. The music for this album was courtesy of Kid Koala, aka Eric San. His previous works include composing music for the Cartoon Network and The Winter Olympic Games.

These two albums are going to be available digitally worldwide through music streaming and download platforms.

Free Trial

Before the official launch on Thursday, there’s still time to see if this game is for you. That’s because the Time-Limited Trial Week ends October 27 at 3:00 a.m. EDT. Here’s what’s available during the trial week:

  • Mass Races
    • Every 30 minutes, new races randomly appear on the map.
    • During the Time-Limited Trial Week, up to three different Mass Races will be featured.
    • The Mass Races are capped to a maximum of 32 players across all platforms during the event period.
  • Tricks Battle
    • This mode has players participate in 6v6 matchups in arenas.
    • Players need to land as many tricks as possible on different sections of the arena map to capture them and earn points.
    • The team with the highest score wins.
  • Free-for-All
    • Challenge up to 11 opponents and show them how it’s done through a select playlist of events.
  • Versus Mode
    • Join up with five friends in career events to see who’s the best.

Riders Republic is coming to PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Amazon Luna, and Stadia.

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