'Rick And Morty' Season 3 Release Date Update: This Time From The Animators

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Is Mr. Poopy Butthole sending us coded messages about the 'Rick and Morty' Season 3 premiere or are we going insane? Adult Swim

Rick and Morty co-creator Dan Harmon (with Justin Roiland) has perfected his responses to the endless questions about the premiere date for Rick and Morty Season 3. While Harmon had originally hoped the show would hit a 2016 release date, our current best guess for the premiere date is April. But the pestering continues unabated and Harmon has come up with increasingly creative and/or angry ways to push back the rabid masses, culminating with his Season 3 Rick and Morty update rap (summary: “they’re drawing it”).

But now we have a brand new update on the Rick and Morty Season 3’s progress that doesn’t rely on Harmon’s rapping. Mark Van Ee, production supervisor at Rick and Morty’s Canadian animation studio, Bardel Entertainment, says that everything is on track, if a bit behind:

But if you’re hoping this a gearing up to a surprise premiere in the near future, don’t count on it. Van Ee’s tweet right after solicits new animators to help with the season.

It seems like there’s still a ways to go.

No, it’s not anything specific and doesn’t fundamentally change the undying truth of Mr. Poopy Butthole’s prediction, but it should at least assure those who have been likening Rick and Morty Season 3 to other vaporware projects like Half-Life 3. This is not a matter of a writing team spinning its wheels. That’s all done. Now it’s all about the animation. They’re drawing it.

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