Rick And Morty Got Busted In Delaware

Rickmobile Merch Wagon Vs. Delaware Dept. of Transportation
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Evil Morty's grand design will bring him in conflict with Rick, but is unlikely to revolve around Rick.
Evil Morty's grand design will bring him in conflict with Rick, but is unlikely to revolve around Rick. Adult Swim

On Friday, the roving Rick & Morty merch mobile — the Rickmobile — posted a picture of a traffic ticket meted out by a Delaware Department of Transportation traffic cam for travelling “through a Delaware toll lane without remitting the toll due of $4.00.” The image captured by the traffic cam is perfect: Rick’s drooling staring face:

As the Adult Swim account noted, “Even the Rickmobile has problems with authority.”

It’s an encounter that shouldn’t have ended as well as it did. As we learned in the show’s pilot, there’s nothing Rick despises more than government getting in his way. “They’re just robots, Morty, it’s okay to shoot them,” he said of bureaucrats. “I don’t respect them.” What then happens when Rick gets flagged by the most robotic bureaucrat of all: the highway traffic cam?

No, no one died. No sun was extinguished and no presidents got punched. Because this isn’t Dimension C-137, it’s just normie-ass Earth, where a giant Rick head is more about commerce than a growth ray. Still, while the actual incident may be straightforward, it’s pretty funny. But in a majorly un-Rick move, the Rickmobile apologized. The Delaware DOT, perhaps sensing their chance to grab a taste of the viral high life (#FridayHumor), seemingly forgave the ticket.

Yet in a strange twist of Schrödinger's Traffic Ticket, the Rickmobile violation went simultaneously forgiven and paid in full, as Rick and Morty fans with too much money stepped in to pay off the $108.00 (!) violation.

Somehow, the mystery deepens from there. Visit the Delaware DOT E-ZPass Violations page, input violation “0006442687-1,” license “C137 RM” and license plate state “Georgia,” and it looks like the violation is still outstanding, with $54 owed. What’s going on, Delaware?

Whatever happens, it’s sure to go better than this:

If you haven’t seen the Rickmobile before, it’s quite the spectacle:

It’s huge, it’s strange and it looks like a U-Haul is shooting out of Rick’s ass. Even that license plate, “C137 RM,” is a nod to the slice of reality where Rick and Morty hail from, since decimated by a Cronenberg plague engineered by Rick and accidentally spread by Morty.

Still, the Rickmobile is just a merch wagon, from which fans can buy Anatomy Park t-shirts, “Get Your Shit Together” backpacks, Rick and Morty Monopoly, Mr. Poopy Butthole beach towels and a $50 “Mr. Meeseeks Ceramic Jar Set.” If you’re looking for a good way to drain your wallet, upcoming tour dates are listed on the Adult Swim site.

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