‘Rick And Morty’ Co-Creators Reveal What’s In Rick’s Flask, Destroys Dumb Fan Theory But Spawns ‘Event Horizon’ Crossover

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Will Rick escape from Galactic Federation prison in 'Rick and Morty' Season 3?
Will Rick escape from Galactic Federation prison in 'Rick and Morty' Season 3? Adult Swim

The writers, producers and cast of Rick and Morty took questions from the audience during the Rick and Morty Comic-Con 2016 panel. One question was about the contents of Rick’s flask.

“I think he’s just a connoisseur of all good liqueur,” Roiland said. “So, from day to day it could be a nice Ketel One, maybe some Grey Goose, little bit of Hennessy X-O. He’ll go to a dimension where Hennessy is like a dollar for a 750 ml. bottle. Which, that’s certainly not this reality, right guys?”

The questioner asked the very same question during a Reddit AMA two years ago and got a similar, but different response. “ We're not ready to discuss the contents of Rick's flask yet,” Roiland wrote, “but I can tell you that in the pilot episode cold open scene, he was supping on some HENNY XO BITCH!” (Harmon also pointed out that Rick ordered Scotch in one scene)

That cryptic “we’re not ready to discuss the contents” answer has spawned an entire universe of fan theorizing.

Theories have ranged from a pocket universe distillery flask that never needs refilled to a serum that keeps Rick from phasing out of time and space. But by far the most oft-cited theory (other than the most likely explanation: it’s alcohol), is that Rick’s flask is full of mega seed extract.

Mega seeds were introduced in the Rick and Morty pilot. Rick wants them for unexplained science reasons, but by episode’s end they end up dissolving in Morty’s rectum, temporarily giving him super-intelligence.

Could Rick be juicing all these years, drinking mega seed extract to maintain his super high IQ?

It’s unlikely. Not only does this new answer at the Rick and Morty Comic-Con panel deny any such connection, but such a reveal would fundamentally undermine what we know about Rick as a character. If Rick is drinking mega seed elixir then he’s not really an alcoholic at all. His flask would be transformed from a masochistic weapon he inflicts on himself over and over to a science-whiz tool.

Plus, how would Rick secretly being way dumber be an interesting development for the character? It’s a clever fan theory, but if it actually came to fruition it would only undermine what we love about Rick Sanchez.

Harmon offered another answer. “I think he might be drinking the coolant droplets from the movie Event Horizon,” Harmon said at Comic-Con. In a fictional universe of infinite dimensions it seems all crossovers are possible. Yes, Event Horizon’s hell dimension is now very nearly Rick and Morty canon.

So what’s the real answer? What is in Rick’s flask on Rick and Morty ? It’s Henny X-O, bitch.

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